Cruz Campaign: Unity Ticket with Rubio was the Only Way to Stop Trump

CNN reported Sunday that top officials from the Cruz campaign say Ted Cruz was eyeing a unity ticket with Marco Rubio as his VP running mate.

The campaign admitted they conducted several secret polls in five states- Illinois, Arizona, Missouri, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.  The result?  A blowout of 65 percent to 35 percent, and the takedown of Donald Trump.


Cruz officials say Cruz couldn’t ever reach Rubio on the phone, and their attempts through friends and emissaries to get Rubio on board were unsuccessful.  They speculated Rubio was holding out for a contested convention or just waiting for another shot in 2020.

However, a source close to Rubio told CNN there were never any concrete offers to accept or reject a unity ticket, only vague discussions from donors.

But they did add that Rubio wouldn’t have been interested either way, citing several reasons. He felt that two Washington D.C. Senators coming together to dump Trump would have played into Trump’s outsider narrative.  He didn’t think they would complement each other well as two Cuban freshman senators.  And lastly, he felt the nominee should keep their options open until the convention to make sure they didn’t limit themselves by picking someone too soon.

While this news is particularly depressing to hear, I am disappointed in the Cruz campaign for pointing fingers at this stage.  What good does it do to put the blame on Rubio for not agreeing to jump back in the game?  Rubio did what Cruz wanted: he bowed out so that Cruz could continue his quest.  Cruz convinced us he was the one who could do it.  And now the Cruz campaign gives their final farewell by throwing Rubio under the bus for their own inability to stop Trump?


No wonder the guy wants to leave government.  Bad form.


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