Cruz: If you vote for Trump, just put a Hillary bumper sticker on your car (AUDIO)

Ted Cruz wasn’t fazed by the New York primary results during a radio interview Wednesday morning on the Chris Stigall show.

Cruz pointed out that everyone expected Donald Trump to win New York, so Tuesday night was not a shocker.

He also reminded voters that there is a reason Washington doesn’t like him, because he answers to his constituents instead of DC cronies.  They can’t control him, so they hate him.  This is an important point he is driving home- some outlets have tried to “expose” his colleagues’ contempt for him as some kind of downfall, personally I see it as the exact opposite.

Honestly, why would a conservative voter would place any weight on what Mitch McConnell and company has to say? Anything highlighting Cruz’s contention with the Republican establishment only serves to bolster his credibility.  I mean, it could be worse, he could have been funding the Washington machine for decades.  But no one could ever win the nomination with that kind of sketchy, well-documented past…right?

Cruz really was on fire during the entire interview, highlighting the stark differences between himself and Trump, speaking about the importance of Pennsylvania, and also added towards the end of his interview:

“We have got to win and if Donald Trump is the nominee, it elects Hillary Clinton. Every vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton.  You might as well put a Hillary sticker on your car because Hillary wins by double-digits against Donald Trump,” he continued. “I beat Hillary in the election and that’s why Republicans are coming together and are uniting behind a positive, optimistic, conservative message to bring back jobs and economic growth, to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights and to keep America safe and defeat radical Islamic terrorists.”

Cruz is not deterred at all, but preparing himself for a fight to the finish.  When asked what his path to victory is, Cruz flat out stated,

“We are headed to a contested convention.  At this point, nobody is getting 1,237. Donald is gonna talk all the time about other folks not getting to 1,237, he’s not getting there either…And it’s gonna be a battle in Cleveland to see who can earn a majority of the delegates who have been elected by the people.”

The entire interview can be heard below:
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