Doe-Eyed Female Trump Supporter: “I Love Your Power!” (VIDEO)

In spite of relevant polls proving Donald Trump is disliked by a vast majority of women, Trump has continued to play these off by constantly bringing up the very few women who are not very bright, and do support him.  He bloats the numbers in his favor and refers to personal anecdotes as evidence to suggest an overwhelming majority of women support him.

This morning on Fox and Friends, he gave some of his own reasons why “so many women like Donald Trump.”  We also got a quality look at one of the female Trump supporters in Wisconsin.


Trump: You know, I have so many women that really want to have protection, from that standpoint.   And they like me for that reason.  And I’m getting a very bad press with women– I think we’re gonna change it around. My wife said yesterday that he respects women so much–and you know we were on television, we were on Hannity actually– and it was a terrific show.  But there’s nobody that respects women more than me, and I notice a lot of women are saying that- and I don’t get a fair press with women I have to say- they treat me– the press treats me horribly, with almost every aspect of life.  But I will say this, so many women were on last night, on a different show, and they were saying “We like Donald Trump because we feel he’s going to be the strongest for the country in terms of protection, in terms of the border, in terms of ISIS, in terms of other countries- and I win by such a margin.  So that’s protecting women, but that’s also protecting everybody.

Reporter: Jane let me ask you, do you have some advice for him?

Female Trump fan: Um…

Reporter: You say you’re a Trump supporter.

Female Trump fan: I’m a huge Trump supporter!

Reporter: What should he do differently?

Female Trump fan: Umm.  Nothing!  I just, I love your power!  I just love your power!  Are you part Sicilian?




First off, what the hell kind of thing is that to even say about someone?  “I love your power?”  She might as well say, “I love that you have money and throw it around to get what you want!”

There could not be a better representation of the female Trump supporter than this woman right here.  Not concerned with anything other than the fact that he’s a rich businessman, because she is enamored with power and nothing more.  I can think of about ten billion better reasons to support someone for president, but hey, I like to use critical thinking skills.  I realize those skills aren’t for everyone (looking at you, Jane).

Secondly, did Trump REALLY just suggest that women like him because he’s going to be their protector? The man who said you have to treat women like sh**?  Since when has Donald Trump ever cared about anyone more than himself?  And how patronizing is it for him to suggest that women are sitting around hoping to find someone to protect them?

Call me crazy, Mr. Trump, but I’m quite certain I don’t need your elderly, small-handed, orange, leathery body protecting me from anything, you patronizing jerk.  I carry concealed, and I’m a good shot so I don’t worry about much.


Except a Donald Trump presidency.  But as badly as the polls have him losing to Hillary, I guess I shouldn’t worry about that much either.


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