Now Whiner Trump Wants the RNC to Change their Rules Mid-Election? (VIDEO)

So far this election season, all Trump has done is complain.  About everything.  He complains about things being unfair, and then he complains about things being too fair.  But hey, rules are subjective when you’re a rich jerk.


One of the things he and his supporters have complained endlessly about (with no proof, I might add) is the idea what the RNC will monkey with the rules either at or before the convention to prevent him from getting the nomination. He and his supporters are so convinced it will happen that they have basically pre-planned riots for after the convention.

Speaking to reporters on Monday morning, Trump brought up more complaints from his never-ending laundry list. This time it was about John Kasich.

He has decided that Kasich shouldn’t be allowed to run, because Kasich is taking votes away from him.  This poor guy.  If only Trump could be given some kind of free pass in life, like being born into someone else’s money and not being held to the same standard as everyone else.  It must be rough.

And what does he want the RNC to do about it? Well, he wants them to change their rules mid-election to flat out prevent John Kasich from continuing to run.



Trump: Honestly Kasich should not be allowed to run.  And I’ll go opposite on you- he hurts Trump much more than he hurts Cruz.  And, in New York, I have tremendous numbers in New York and I have tremendous numbers in Pennsylvania, those two numbers just came out from CBS, I guess you saw them…but Kasich shouldn’t be allowed to run. 

Reporter: Under what grounds?

Trump: Under the grounds that Rand Paul could have stayed in, and he had nothing.  Marco Rubio could have stayed in, Jeb Bush could have stayed in.  They all could have stayed in.  They could have just stayed in.  That’s all he’s doing.  He’s 1 for 29.  And the one thing that he won barely, and if I spent one more day in Ohio, I would have beaten him because I came pretty close.  The only thing Kasich won was Ohio, where he’s the governor and where he has the machine working.  Which isn’t doing well, it’s in the middle of the pack of his neighbors.  He’s only in the middle of his pack, he’s not doing well in Ohio.   If you look at his neighboring states, he’s exactly in the middle of the pack.  That’s not great.  Kasich shouldn’t be allowed to continue, and the RNC shouldn’t allow him to continueAnd Kasich has more of an impact on me than he does on Cruz.

Why is a guy allowed to run–all he’s doing is just, he goes from place to place, and loses, and he keeps running. Well, why doesn’t Marco Rubio do that? Why doesn’t Jeb Bush do that? Why didn’t all of them do that?  After it was their time–now if he wants to go and have his name put in nomination in the convention, he can do that. He doesn’t have to run and take my votes. Because he’s taking my votes, he’s not taking Cruz’s votes. He’s taking my votes.


So according to Trump, the RNC shouldn’t allow Kasich to continue now.  They should make special rules specifically for Donald Trump.  Because he’s so important to this party.

Meanwhile, if the RNC changes the rules to allow a candidate to win even though he hasn’t won 8 states, Trump will throw an absolute fit and claim it’s “so unfair.”

What else is even left for Trump to complain about?

He complains about the free media coverage he receives, he complains about his inability to get enough delegates, he complains about others not following the rules, now he complains about the RNC not changing the rules for him.

I bet if the RNC just handed him the nomination he would complain that they didn’t give him a chance to show just how handily he could beat everyone.  If they would have just given him one more day to campaign, he would have done it himself.

Look, Kasich obviously has no chance to win, but the rules specifically say that he can go on making a fool out of himself right up until the convention. Likewise, there’s probably going to come a point where it’s going to be mathematically impossible for any of the candidates to win but they all get to keep campaigning.

Now for the record- because facts matter here- Kasich beat Trump by more than 10 points in Ohio, even though Trump would very much like to rewrite history by insisting that he “came pretty close.”


Chris Schrimpf, a spokesman for Kasich’s campaign, responded to Trump’s remarks with this:

“Ted Cruz also has no possibility of accumulating enough delegates, and Donald Trump also will not receive a majority of delegates before the convention. Since he thinks it’s such a good idea, we look forward to Trump dropping out before the convention.  Trump living up to his own self-declared standard is best for the party since he will lose the White House by a historic margin to Hillary Clinton and also cause Republicans to lose control of the Senate.”

While Schrimpf isn’t entirely accurate in his remarks, and confusing “possibility” with “likelihood,” he is at least correct in his last point: our party will suffer devastating losses all around if Trump does manage to become the nominee.


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