Weird Kasich Ad Attacks Cruz Using Donald Trump's Rhetoric, Verbatim

John Kasich’s super PAC, “New Day for America,” is apparently so unoriginal and unintelligent that they have to steal lines straight from Donald Trump.  In a new ad they released, titled “Nose,” they refer to Ted Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted,” a nickname originally coined by Trump, and go on to mention instances where they say Cruz “lied.”  They liken Cruz to Pinocchio by expanding his nose, but then the whole thing just goes off the rails.


Many just call him “Lyin’ Ted.”  Lied about Ben Carson to steal a win in Iowa.  Lies about being the best for the GOP when polls show he can’t even beat Hillary Clinton.  His TV ad about John Kasich?  Lie.  Stations had to pull it off the air.  If Ted Cruz’s mouth is moving, he’s lying.

I have questions.

Why is this entire thing so creepy?

How can someone lie about being the “best for the GOP?”  To pretend that a subjective statement is a lie is just intellectually dishonest.

Kasich consistently says he is not going to resort to insults or mud-slinging, always making sure to put on the “superior guy” act, I guess his super PAC doesn’t agree with his tactics?  Because if you’re stooping low enough to use rhetoric that comes straight from Donald Trump, you really can’t go any lower; you’re already at the bottom.


Lastly, I just have to address the elephant in the room: what kind of weirdo wraps a penis nose around someone’s neck?

Weirdest campaign season ever.




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