Democrats Use Trump in Ad to Take Back Senate [VIDEO]

Donald Trump is a repeat donor to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, an organization whose express purpose is electing Democrats to the Senate. I like to think they used some of that money to produce the following ad, which prominently features Trump as part of the Democrats’ initiative to retake the Senate.

Watch for yourself below.  Be warned- it is truly cringe-worthy.

But who among us didn’t predict that this would happen?  Trump is a poster child for all of the awful stereotypes the GOP has battled off for decades.  Trump being championed as the Republican front-runner is basically handing power back to the Democrats on a silver platter.

Democrats only need five seats to gain back power of the Senate, or four if they also win the Presidency.  Recent polling data and common sense suggest that if Trump is the nominee, no one can stop them from winning the Presidency, why couldn’t they get those four seats needed?

And who is to blame?  Our party has literally given them all the material they need.


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