It’s Clear Ice Queen Jill Biden Does Not Have an Ounce of Compassion for Her Husband

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Jill Biden cemented her place in history as the worst wife in presidential history Thursday night. Her behavior following one of the most tragic scenes in presidential debate history has all the markings of elder abuse.


Perhaps it’s time to change the term from "First Lady" to "Worst Lady."

By now, you’ve surely either watched the debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, or you’ve seen a plethora of clips showing in no uncertain terms that the president is barely functioning cognitively.

And you’ve also seen media personalities on the left stopping just short of setting their hair on fire with sheer panic over the fact that the leader of the free world would barely be capable of tying his own shoes at this point.

Dr. Jill Biden, as she is wont to be called, has thus far escaped significant scrutiny. Despite the fact that she is shamelessly abusing this man before America’s eyes.

Last night’s presidential debate clocked in at just over 1 hour, 40 minutes. Significant because it actually ran longer than the time President Biden had been training throughout the week simply to stand.

Think about that. They holed him up at Camp David for seven straight days just to get him to a point where he could stand for 90 minutes.

It had to have been a burden for him physically to get through the debate.

Sure enough, leaked video following the event showed just how bad it was. Biden could barely walk down the stairs to greet the moderators. Jill had to practically drag him down the steps.


If this was your family member, it would be heartbreaking to watch.

Had you just helped a man (your husband, your father) barely make it down two or three steps tops, what would your next move be? Get them home straight away, right? Help them into bed?

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Instead, Jill Biden dragged her man to a post-debate watch party, "Weekend at Bernie’s"-style.

In language that had all the feel of the "Here comes the airplane" game with your infant, Jill sang the president’s praises while he stood there looking across the crowd with yet another blank, vacuous grin on his face.

“Joe, you did such a great job answering every question! You knew all the facts,” the First Lady screeched to him, seemingly forgetting they were in front of an audience and not at home during pudding pop time.

Again, it’s borderline heartbreaking to watch.


It's pretty obvious Jill Biden does not have her husband’s best interests or well-being at heart. She’s simply trying to hold onto power at this point.

Maybe it’s time somebody stepped in here.

This is a monster preying on her own weak and frail husband. Elder abuse doesn’t solely take the form of physical abuse or even verbal emotional beratement.

Elder abuse, in its simplest terms, involves a trusted person in a relationship that causes harm or distress to an older person. It includes but is not limited to psychological and emotional abuse, neglect, and serious loss of dignity and respect.

Joe Biden is experiencing all of these things right now. Jill Biden is the primary source of his suffering.

If Jill truly cared about her husband, she would have walked him off that stage and said, "Come on, it's time to go home now."

Is there nobody who can save him from this despicable abuse?



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