Shame on Jill Biden

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Back in 2020, I made a video for RedState where I lightheartedly talked about how then Democrat candidate Joe Biden should be saved from the DNC because he's clearly not well. At the time, I thought there was no way this guy was going to win so I was primarily making jokes through the vid, but one thing I was semi-serious about was that Biden was clearly being used by the DNC despite his obvious lack of mental acuity, and also that his wife, Jill Biden, was disgusting for letting it all happen. 

The thing is, I can expect this kind of behavior out of Democrat Party leadership. Using people is their MO, and despite being self-labeled as the "party of (X)" they've proven on many occasions that the only thing they truly care about is power. Using an old man to get it is pretty standard behavior. 

What really bothers me about the whole situation is that Jill isn't just standing by and letting the DNC abuse her clearly ailing husband, she's an active participant in it. 

This isn't the first time RedState has brought this up. My colleague Sister Toldjah noted Jill's aggressive and uncaring nature toward her husband as well, posting various instances where Biden was clearly not doing well yet Jill was there pushing him on: 

That brings me to the central point of my extended thought bubble, and that’s “Dr.” Biden’s continued enabling of the farce of Joe Biden’s presidency via actions that come pretty close, in my opinion, to elder abuse on a widespread scale; with Mrs. Biden reportedly being the central figure in coordinating his notoriously aggressive handlers, scripting his public appearances, and ridiculing staffers when Joe comes off looking bad – which is often.

I’ve taken to calling Jill Biden the Handler-in-Chief and the Shover-in-Chief: the former, for obvious reasons and the latter, for her propensity to all but literally shove Joe Biden offstage whenever he veers off-course – which is often.


In my view, it’s incredibly unseemly at this point for Jill Biden in her role not as First Lady but his wife of 46 years to not acknowledge when enough is enough, and to call the second round (a reelection campaign) off before the situation with Joe Biden’s questionable mental acuity gets even more out of hand.

I can't help but agree, and after what I witnessed from Jill last night after the debate, I'm more sure than ever that Biden needs to be rescued from his own wife. 

As Nick Arama reported on Friday, not only did Jill have to lead her husband off the stage after the debate was over and everyone had departed, during a rally afterward, Jill praised Biden like a child before leading the crowd in accusing Trump of lying during the debate. It was a seriously disturbing moment that, frankly, I'm going to have a hard time getting out of my head. There's some very creepy about this footage. 

Joe stood there like a shy child accepting his praise from his clearly in control wife. 

I said I was disgusted in the video I made, but now I'm doubly so. A man in Joe Biden's situation should be protected by the person closest to him, but from where I'm sitting, Jill Biden looks like a circus ringleader getting her animal act to perform...what? Money, power, status? 

If Jill truly loved her husband, the right thing to do would be to tell the DNC that Biden has done all he can, but he clearly needs to go home and be done with all of this. He clearly doesn't have long left either physically or mentally, and he should spend that time relaxing, being with family, and using what cognitive function he has to enjoy the end of his days. 

But instead he's pushed ever on with Jill, his handler, directing him everywhere he goes. This reeks of abuse, and it's indicative of a family that clearly has no respect for itself or each other. 

Biden needs the presidency taken away from him, if not for the countries own good but for his. I just have a feeling that the power will have to be wrestled away from Jill Biden's hands first. 



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