Jill Biden Treats Joe Like a Child in Sad and Infuriating Remarks After Debate

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The only way to describe the CNN debate for Joe Biden was a train wreck. 

It was so bad even Democrats couldn't argue it away or turn it into a "win." I seriously doubt we will have a second debate in September as planned — at least not with Biden, as the talk is now underway with some on the left about how he should be replaced. 


As my colleague Sister Todjah explained, it was so bad that Jill even had to take his hand at the end and do handler duties to usher him off the stage. Look at how she has to help him here. 

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If anything truly put a cap on how bad it was, that was it. He can't even walk down two steps without the help of handlers. That's truly concerning. He did worse than I even thought he could do after all that prep. 

But even after having to lead him off the stage like that, you still had Jill Biden trying to communicate a fantasyland assessment of the debate to Joe and to supporters at a campaign event right after. Now why they would do that after the debate when he was already beyond his capacity and it's already way past his bedtime is beyond me. What Jill said was both sad and infuriating.


"Joe, you did such a great job. You answered every question. You knew all the facts," she said. "And what did Trump do?" she asked the crowd. "Lie!"  On the contrary, it was Biden who lied — constantly. 

Meanwhile Biden just stood there, like he had no idea what was going on, with this vacant look on his face, but Mommy was praising him and might give him an ice cream. 

I'm sorry, Jill Biden is just a horrible human being. Both because she's letting this happen to him, but then treating him like a three-year-old child there, in front of others, acting as though this was some great win for him instead of the unmitigated disaster it actually was. 

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If I were to caption it, it might be "worst wife in the world." Who does something like this to someone she supposedly loves?   

They deluded themselves and their supporters about Joe Biden, hoping to hold onto control. But it blew back on them big time during the debate. 

Biden should step aside, but that's probably in the hands of this woman, and she hasn't shown she cares enough about the country and about her husband to do it. 



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