The Progressive Ouroboros

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The Ouroboros. The snake that eats its tail. It seems utterly stupid on the surface. And yet we harbor a certain fascination for the phenomenon. We see it all around us. People and movements eventually realize that once the enemy is vanquished, they can’t stand the vile and obnoxious peckerheads they share the same locker room with. The Revolution devours its children, the greedy farmer eats his own seed corn, the snake gets so hungry it eats its own tail.


Recently, the Left has gotten to do their own impression of Terrell Owens*. Except that the Professional Left is generally professionally classless. They do the Doug Baldwin end zone poop celebration instead. This dynamic is currently playing itself out as another bunch of prima donnas has become tired of seeing an endless parade of Gay Pride Parades.

It seems Deray McKesson truly meant it when Tweeted that he was offended by the prospect that all lives matter. Gay Pride we learn, is a racist sentiment. Steve Urkel need no longer fear being accused of riding dirty on the down-low. According to the Black Lives Matter movement, Rainbows are just reflected white light. We have yet to hear further as to whether photosynthesis is now Europhallocentric. It doesn’t seem to work very well on the low frequency, long wavelength part of the visible spectrum. Jim Hoft tells about the COEXIST going down below.

well a car just drove through the Chicago Pride parade cops had to smash the windows and cut the guy out
— A-Jay (@ajaxpik) June 28, 2015
Best sign at #BlackOutPride “Rainbows are just reflected white light”! Gay pride is racist!
— el Sooper ن (@SooperMexican) June 28, 2015

So we now have a hierarchy of whose lives truly matter. It looks like some of the biggest pigs on the diversity farm have now decided some of the animals are more equal. Equality, everywhere it is tried is synonymous with failure. Everyone who claims to represent equality is lying through all of their teeth. When people gang up for equality, they have generally singled out somebody else’s butt that they intend to use for an ATM. Aaron Clarey brilliantly explains why this always has to be the way the Left self-immolates.


Understand one simple thing about “socialism” “leftism” “liberalism” “communism” or whatever you want to call it. It is nothing more than the lazy of society demanding the hard working and industrious be their slaves. It is NOTHING more complicated than the parasites of society demanding the producers support and pay for them. I don’t care how many pages “Das Kapital” is. I don’t care how many millions of hours the thousands of liberal arts professors lecture. And I don’t care how many trillions of words they and the MSM write in journals or “research studies.” At the end, when you boil it down, ALL leftism is is a group of lazy people who don’t want to work for a living and want to live off of other people. That’s it. That’s all. That one sentence summarizes the libraries worth of socialist literature throughout all of history. Socialism is parasitism.

And what do the parasites do when they’ve finished eating your lunch and the very intestine that held it? They still remain hungry. There has to be another “oppressor.” So now it’s the Civil Rights Government Industrial Complex versus the Big Pink. The winner gets to pig out like Pigford. The loser ends up being the Duke Chute end of the snake on that stylish Ouroboros bracelet.

There is an end to all this stupid, mindless cannibalism. There is an atavistic force of malevolence which simply will not have time for these special snowflakes and their quasi-articulate whinging crap. The Offense Bullying gets stifled when the real bullies show up. I don’t exactly think any practicing homosexual activists in Nineveh were asking ISIS if they could have the magical right to fly off the top of a tall building’s roof. Eventually, the idiots on the Progressive Left will realize this and then the bloody madness will abate.


*-HT: Leon Wolf for the excellent analogy.


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