Fahrenheit 2015

What Dylann Roof and Deray McKesson Both Want Out of Life.
What Dylann Roof and Deray McKesson Both Want Out of Life.

The post-modern intellectual heirs to Danton, Marat and Robespierre have marshalled their ignorant mobs. My daily perusal of the Internet Tubes has convinced me of that beyond the shadow of a doubt. I was just innocently reading along over at Hillary is 44.org and I really did enjoy the passage below.*


Amidst the anti-Confederate flag mania, Hillary Clinton has committed a grave sin. Hillary Clinton has unabashedly made a racist statement that cannot be forgiven and will not be forgiven. She must be lynched. Hillary Clinton is truly despicable. Hillary Clinton is a racist. It cannot be denied. We have the proof of the reprehensible Hillary Clinton racist statement. Take the young ones away from eye range. Protect the easily “triggered” snowflake millennials in your household by shielding them from Big Pink. Protect yourself by ingesting pharmaceutical tranquilizers from what we are about to impart. Here is Hillary Clinton’s unforgivable Confederate flag waving Ku Klux Klan Gadsden Flag racist terrorist Dylann Storm Roof atrocity statement which proves she is an unadulterated white (decency edit) racist: All lives matter.

I personally figured lynching was a bit extreme. Tarring, feathering and riding her out of town backwards on a donkey may even constitute police brutality (or brutality to the officers forced to perform this activity). We could be discreet about this and just smack her around with a couple of wet spaghetti noodles instead. They don’t leave marks so there’s always some plausible deniability afterwards. We vast, right-wing conspirators prize that as a strategic attribute.

But then I realized something. She was the intended victim of a Jacobin ideological purge. Gropenfuhrer Deray McKesson** was firing up the Twitter Idiocy Stream to punch out her tickets for Treblinka. Only Oliver Willis would be stupid enough to inquire as to whether or not they were round trip. I’ll humbly confess to the vice of not being a big, thumping Hillary Rodham Clinton fan. The whole Evita Inevitable thing just rubs me the wrong way. But if their ready to do that to her…..


In addition to what I wrote yesterday, three things are true about the whole, sordid aftermath of the Dylann Roof Racism Shootings in Charleston, SC.

1) The “Stars and Bars” is strictly a flag of convenience to these people. Nobody with an IQ higher than the mean outdoor temperature in Kiruna, Sweden would walk up to Deray McKesson, Joan Walsh or any of the rest of these hucksters engaging in chic Redneck-Bashing and ask them advice or guidance on much of anything under usual circumstances. This Charleston shooting isn’t about whether black lives matter. It’s about whether their lives matter. As soon as it blows over, they do also. They are cast back into the void with wailings and gnashing of teeth.

2) The “Stars and Bars” is just a waypoint. It’s the 1-step in the political activists’ analog to a mathematical induction proof. The mathematical super geniuses go after Evita Inevitable on Twitter for saying double-plus ungood things like “All lives matter.” They are attempting the assumption without loss of generality that ALL things that *they* don’t personally like are !RACIST! and must burn.

3) That list of things that must be immolated will increasingly get too long for more and more people’s comfort. There isn’t any guarantee that too many other people’s lives are really going to continue to matter. Failing to recognize the attitudes and mindset of Deray McKesson as a potential moral gateway to domestic terrorism is just as blind and lethal as assuming there are no more violent Racist White Nationalists on the loose mumbling their way through “The Turner Diaries.***” Those weren’t love crimes recently being committed during the riots in Bulletmore, Murderland.


The French Revolution was once fought over “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” None of the thousands, upon thousands, run through the guillotines for perceived ideological impurity got to do keg stands at the Thermidorian Reaction Frat Party afterwards. I have no doubt in my mind that many of the people chanting “Black Lives Matter” are doing so out of a legitimate sense of fear and anger over what is going wrong right now in their communities or in their lives. But they, like the starving, oppressed peasants in 18th Century Paris, are being played.

They are being whipped up into mobs and directed at strategically chosen targets that have nothing to do with whether black lives matter more, less or even continue to exist once the warfare is ultimately finished. They, like Occupy Wall Street, will receive nothing out of this latest uprising except for the opportunity to absorb casualties and enhanced abuse from National Guardsmen and municipal police forces in riot gear. This is not a spontaneous uprising destined to bring about justice for all. This is Fahrenheit 2015 and is being as cynically manipulated as were the Two-Minute Hates in George Orwell’s 1984.

*-Oh, wait. They were just kidding.

**-He doesn’t *just* burn American flags. He’s as vile and anti-American as Dylann Storm Root in other ways as well. A guy’s got to have a diverse skill set to make a living these days.


***-You’d have to be dumb enough to give a foreign contractor located offsite Root axis to your Unix network to be any more unintelligent. Nobody important would ever be that foolish…..


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