Lois Lerner Isn’t Lying

Torquemada Was Proud Of His Day Job As Well...
Torquemada Was Proud Of His Day Job As Well…

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Lerner said in her first press interview since the scandal broke 16 months ago. “I’m proud of my career and the job I did for this country.”HT:Politico


So Politico is as Politico does. If Attila the Hun wore the D Jersey; they’d be praising his leadership secrets. Never mind a few negative externalities that primarily concentrated in Red States. We hear all about the honest Lois Lerner, the dedicated Lois Lerner, and the patriotic Lois Lerner with a tear in her eye every time she sees Old Glory flapping in the breeze. And only the inclusion of effective html sarcasm tags would convey the true meaning of the sentence just above.

Politico may be what Politico truly is; however Lois Lerner was in no way lying when she said she was proud of how she did her job. She believes that if you are a Conservative you are unerringly a gibbering, fleck-spittled Cro-Magnon of Backwardation. You therefore need to be eliminated from any capacity in which you can impact the direction of Post-modern America. It is her job to take an aluminum softball bat to your knee-caps before you are able to catch up to any of the good guys representing the higher, more evolved species. That is what the honest, self-assured Progressive believes about anyone who disagrees with his or her political viewpoint.


As for public integrity? Screw it. It was a less important moral value. Her official powers were just another bastard sword. Who cares where you ram it through the carapace as long as the dragon flops over dead. She was totally impartial. Anybody she thought sucked got sliced and diced. What could be more fundamentally just? As far as Lois Lerner was concerned she was a gallant and proud paladin of the public trust. She can’t understand why you aren’t more thankful she was on the public payroll. And if you think I write any of this tongue-and-cheek; you do not get what Conservatives and Traditionalists are up against as we try our hardest to save America from those who would plow it under in the sacred name of !PROGRESS!


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