A Question of Optics: Rand Paul vs. Barack Obama

What They Did On Summer Vacation
What They Did On Summer Vacation

If you think that President Obama can provide you with health care, let him take a scalpel to your eye. I dare you – Kevin Williamson, NRO


There is something genuinely tiresome about the tone of a lot of political commentary regarding how medical doctors spend their time caring for people in other countries. There is also something utterly profane, inhumane and despicable about how cynical individuals project disingenuous motives unto the charitable actions of others. Particularly when they perfectly happy to make excuses for the blatant disregard for duty displayed by certain other people whose political beliefs are more to their liking. The cynical disrespect shown to Senator Rand Paul for spending his holiday donating his skills as an eye doctor to poor children in foreign countries coupled with the pathetic excuse-making we here for the Pitching Wedge Presidency of Barack Obama invokes a certain moiled nausea in anyone not so far in the tank for this president that they need to be breathing Nitrox.

The Daily Bible of the Beltway Liberal Numb-F@#$ (AKA The Wapo) wastes no time criticizing the offseason training regimen of GOP Senator Rand Paul who apparently hasn’t golfed it up like Tiger enough for the high, exacting standards of the Beltway Social Set. Their Snarknado-laden article was even entitled “With an eye on 2016, Rand Paul takes his campaign-in-waiting to the operating room.” Early in the piece we get a good sinus-load of Beltway Booger Journalism from DNC Hack, Oops, I mean fine, upstanding Journalist, Ed O’Keefe.

The doctor and his patients greeted each other beneath the gaze of three television cameras, three photographers, six reporters, a political aide, two press secretaries, conservative activist David Bossie — and Axel, watching closely.


Eleven paragraphs down in the story, far below where the paper folds, O’Keefe grudgingly admits* the following:

He is licensed to treat patients in Kentucky, where years ago he established his own certification board after a dispute with another governing body for ophthalmologists. He’s performed pro bono surgery for years in his home state but had long wanted to join a medical mission overseas.

Do you want to know the true measure of a man? Watch what he does when he has enough money to do whatever the fling he wants. Watch what that man is actually able to do when he is able to do whatever the fling he wants. Which brings us to what our Playing Through President has done with his summer vacation. What else could Captain Hook n’ Slice have done with his summer vacay? To make the world a better place, you actually have to possess a skill that improves something. Need I say more about the Commander-in-Chief perpetually AWOL on the nearest set of links?

But still, the yaps have gotta’ yap, the shills have gotta’ shill. Like Ann Coulter driving the high speed rail version of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train by downgrading Dr. Kent Brantley’s condition to idiotic because he contracted Ebola while on mission to West Africa, the Rand Paul critics show a deep and fundamental contempt. A contempt for incredible and miraculous skills that take decades, literally decades, of constant dedication to develop and perfect. It reminds me of when I used to enjoy watching Tony Gwynn bat against Greg Maddux when both men were in their competitive prime. Except for one important difference – men like Dr. Brantley and Senator Paul are never allowed to get “tatered” or strike out.


Do you think for even the quantum portion of a second that Ed O’Keefe has 1/10th of what it takes to be a Board Certified Doctor of anything other than Dishonest Propaganda? No what this pathetic hack is engaged in is the deliberate diminution of human greatness in the service of a pathetic, incapable mediocrity. If only people were aware the extent to which people like Rand Paul and Kent Brantley gave up in order to be capable of what they can do in comparison of what twaddle-pushers like Barack Obama and Joe Biden “sacrificed” to get where they are. The basest, most crass, most pathetic among us would no longer succeed in getting elected to Dog-Catcher. Hillary Rodham Clinton would never be able to mount a campaign for anything if the first question she had to provide honest answers for went “What is it that you DO exactly, Mrs. Clinton?”

*-Perhaps Axel threatened to thoroughly excavate his whinging, disingenuous 4th point of contact.



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