Gun Control Will Never Stop Barbarism

This Man Does Not Care About Laws
This Man Does Not Care About Laws

During the 48-hour period of May 30-June 1, there were 16 incidents of gunfire and 19 people hit by bullets. Only 2 suspected shooters were arrested. Overall, roughly 25% to 30% of nonfatal shootings result in an arrest, compared with arrests in about 80% of homicides, according to an NYPD spokesman.(HT: New York Daily News)


“It’s Groundhog Day here in Chicago” is how Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy put it. This year, the tally of shame was more than 80 people shot and 14 killed. Last year, a slightly longer July Fourth weekend (the holiday fell on a Thursday) saw 75 people shot and 12 fatalities. (HT:NY Post)

My headline is filled with vile, ethnic prejudice and caustic, unapologetic rancor. It unfairly demeans insults and impugns the motives of people who live in a different world than I ever will. I owe an apology – to Odoacer and the brave, hardy and pioneering barbarians who took down The Western Roman Empire in 476 AD.

In America, we have something far worse and gun control will do nothing to fix it. We have people who are given sustenance, housing, and as many as 13 years of free education in basic civics and life skills and yet our major cities still have streets that ring with gunfire. We are the Free Stuff Fallujah, and The Mogadishu of Multi-Culti. By Gawd there oughtta be a law!

Except that there already is. In fact, there are more laws in New York City and Chicago then there were in Russia under Czar Ivan the Terrible. If laws prevented crime, there would be no murders ever in Chicago, Il. The place brags about its gun control laws and then spends every Saturday and Sunday morning hosing the blood out of the gutters in many of its housing projects. Roland Martin opines we should send the USNG in to restore order.


It’s time for Mayor Rahn(sic)* Emanuel to put his ego and political ambitions aside. It’s time for him to ask the state police and the National Guard to come into Chicago and assist the police department in regaining control of the city’s streets.

That will work about as well as the Iraq Surge. Stringer Bell will keep a lower profile as long as the Bradley Fighting Vehicle is parked in the parking lot of his strip joint. It would make Mayor Napoleon’s crime statistics temporarily improve the same way changing how we define unemployment makes the U3 rate signal a glorious economic recovery. The vast infrastructure of regulation and Legal Latin is a Potemkin. It adds to public safety what a gaudy, over-decorated Corinthian Column adds to the structural integrity of a municipal building. These laws are a fig leaf. Barbarians laugh at fig leaves.

The people these laws purportedly protect know good and well that nobody in charge of a major US City cares whether they live, die, succeed or fail in the ditch after acquiring an addiction to meth, crack or heroin. They are living the epitome of what George Orwell claimed evolving Post-modern dictatorships would do to their Proles. They are taught to systematically believe the old, cynical wise-crack that work is the curse of the drinking classes. As long as they sit there drinking their juice and chilling to Kanye; nobody particularly cares if they suffer from hookworm. Mayor Napoleon has a career to manage and can’t be bothered with them.


So how would any of this stop Gun Control Laws from protecting the masses? Well that gets us into how people rationally should interact with a society that all but operates on the slogan “Proles and animals are free.” Ask any attorney worth hiring and they will tell you to shut up and claim the 5th any time an officer of the law asks you anything more complex than the time of day. The video below is long, but it gives some insight as to how much our future lawyers are being instructed to trust the people that are enforcing all of these laws designed to protect us.

We are protected by an incomprehensible mass of laws and regulations that are enforceable by a group of people that it is advisable not to trust unless you have no other choice. This tells me that adding a few more gun control laws and putting more heavily armed personnel on the street will only work until the OPTEMPO money to keep them out there goes away. A country that has no sense of cultural or national identity worth spitting at and no respect for its own corrupt authority will not be able to convince a murderer not to murder if Game Theory suggests they get a pay off from making someone else lie down for a dirt nap. People who feel a barely restrained hatred for one another on a daily basis are not deterred by gun control laws or puerile macho shows of authoritarian muscle. My title was pure hate speech. The Ostrogoths deserved some sort of trigger warning.


*-Layers and layers of fact-checkers….

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