Immigration and The Evils of Deliberate Chaos.

The New Slave Trade
The New Slave Trade

The failure of the United States government to organize and intelligently police its Southern border makes the United States of America the knowing perpetrator of a human rights atrocity. While not as bad of an All-American, 4th of July Human Rights Atrocity as The Abortion-Industrial Complex; what is currently occurring at our Southern Border with the full knowledge and active connivance of our political leadership will condignly stain the history of The United States as a well-earned Leyenda Negra.


Tens of thousands of children from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras are showing up illegally, often without any parents or relatives, at the Texas border. Their numbers could reach 90,000 this year and grow to 150,000 next year – up from only about 6,000 in 2011, according to government estimates. After making the dangerous journey with the help of human and drug traffickers who prey upon them, this rush of children and teenagers are straining U.S. resources, from temporary shelters to immigration courts.

It requires a certain judgmental equipoise to properly critique any lack of performance by a Post-modern Government. This is because this failure could be occurring for either obvious or duplicitous reasons. The nation could have malaise, or Brownie could be doing a heckuva job for simple reasons of incompetence. On the other hand, the government in question could have a political or societal aim that it hopes to advance by deliberately exacerbating an existing problem through inaction or a harmful policy that catalyzes further disorganization. So is the current mass flood of child immigration at the US border a deliberately orchestrated crisis as outlined in “The Weight of The Poor” written by Cloward and Pivin in 1966?

I would suggest that it doesn’t matter. I instead propose a practical solution that nobody in Washington, DC or in the establishment of either major political party would like.

1) Aggressively demonstrate that children will not be given amnesty by deporting them as soon as they arrive at the shelters. Put the word out to newspapers that have been promising people in Honduras and Guatemala that their children will be given amnesty in the US that America is not your nation’s babysitter of last resort. This may well be derided as cruel, racist and every other buzzword that Zuckerberg can toss up on Facebook, but it needs to be done. The failure to intelligently regulate and control the flow of immigration into America already has created a situation where 40% of the kindergarteners in Fairfax County, VA require instruction in English as a 2nd language. 33% of them require reduced price meals. This is not to say children shouldn’t be allowed to immigrate, but rather they should be restricted to the rate at which public services intended to serve both them and the taxpayers who are US Citizens can successfully accommodate them. Failure to limit this influx will fail both the US Citizens and the immigrants themselves.


2) Repair the infrastructure present at the border. The US Border Patrol has been completely overwhelmed by the recent surge of extremely needy and extremely poor children. They are not able to protect either the US Citizens who live near the border, nor the immigrants themselves. A loose, disorganized border allows human traffickers to operate rampantly and often further harms the people being brought into the country. The resulting chaos allows criminals to operate in complete confidence that US authorities can do nothing to stop them. Border Patrol agents have even been fired at by Mexican law enforcement helicopters. A well-tended border fence with an array of instrumentation is the only way in which the border can be intelligently and humanely patrolled by the assets the US Border Patrol currently has on the ground. Yes, Senator McCain, if you care about the country in who’s Senate you serve as a legislator, you will need to “build the d!mn wall.”

3) Launch a major crack-down on human trafficking. Target the demand side internal to the United States, as well as foreign operations. A veritable Triangle Trade now exists to illegally smuggle Chinese children into the United States. Again, they have been sold the false promise that America’s streets are paved with gold. We learn the following about “snakeheads” from the NY Post. “Some of them are actually trafficked by their parents. The parents are very complicit,” Burke said. “Sometimes, the family member gets duped by somebody who says . . . ‘I see you can’t afford to send your kid to school anymore. If you send them to America, there are streets paved with gold.’ ” The Lord only knows how many of these children are smuggled into the US for child pornography, prostitution or with large quantities of heroin-filled balloons jammed up one of their orifices.


America’s former Speaker of The House tells us that this influx of unaccompanied minors overwhelming the US Border Patrol is an opportunity, not a crisis. It may have crisis-like qualities (whatever that means in English instead of Pelosi-speak), but we can show how much we care about human dignity. I agree. Just not in the way Pelosi thinks that I should. If we take this opportunity to build the necessary infrastructure to properly regulate our southern border and make sure that in the future people who cross our border do so with our knowledge and with a support system already in place, we can make this disaster come somewhat right. What we have now is a crisis and a threat to our ability to enforce American laws as basic and fundamental as the 13th Amendment banning involuntary servitude. Only when the border is organized, patrolled and free of deliberate and lawless chaos will the United States of America have an immigration policy that is anything other than a human rights disgrace.

Image Credit: NY Post


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