How I Was Compelled To Endorse A Dem - Parker Griffith Runs For Alabama Governor

Strike Out Parker Griffith
Strike Out Parker Griffith

I normally avoid doing Democrats any favors if I can help it. Unforced errors do not help the good guys consistantly win. However, I am moved to make an exception for tommorrow’s Alabama State Democratic Party. For the good of my home state and The United States of America, I am switching sides and endorsing Mr. Kevin Bass for The Gubernatorial Nomination of The Alabama Democratic Party.


Kevin Bass is a fairly predictable and mostly harmless Liberal ideologue. He believes Alabama should accept Obamacare Medicaid funding and run a state lottery to raise money for state schools. He states without irony that he wants legalized gambling for the sake of the children. He claims the recent birth of his son as his inspiration to run for office and make the world a better place. He is a decent man whose views a fundamentally yet respectfully disagree with. I would be happy to buy him a cold one if he wanted to talk something other than politics.

Mr. Bass is not a professional career politician. He played Minor League Profesional Baseball in both the Cubs and the White Sox farm systems. He never made it to Chicago and thus remains relatively untainted by Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky and The Obamas. He owns a small business that sells baseball equipment. If he ditched the socialistic political beliefs he would be the salt of the earth.

His opponent is an entirely differnt sort of a man. When Jesus referred to the Pharasees as white-washed sepulchres, men like Parker Griffith are the ones Christ had in mind. Griffith is a narcissist on a constant quest to be elected to higher office for the sake of his boundless self-regard. His recent history shows his empty, soulless pursuit of glory in bas-relief.

In his first incarnation as a Democrat, Parker Griffith won the AL 5th District Congressional Seat which had previously been held by Bud Cramer in 2008. He soon found his position imperiled by the voters’ disdain and alarm over Obamacare, the Stimulus and Cap and Trade Legislation. He switched parties and voted against all three claiming he was too Conservative to work with The Democratic Party any longer.


He was defeated in the 2010 GOP Primary by Mo Brooks. Griffith’s concession proved to be one of the most classless ones in recent political history. He demanded that Mr. Brooks apologize to him for the tone of his campaign. He then ran against Mo Brooks in the 2010 GOP Primary and lost be a wide, wide margin.

Mr. Griffith is now back in his 2nd iteration as a Democrat. He announced that he is running for Governor to improve the State of Alabama. If he got any more specific, he might have to take a stand on some particular issue of concern.

Oh wait, he has! He now believes that Governor Bentley is a moral coward for not accepting Medicaid money tied to Obamacare. The very same bill that Mr. Griffith voted against, switched parties over and declared a disservice to amnkind would be the wellspring of allt he additional Medicaid funding Mr. Griffith is now demanding that The State of Alabama accept. If the man sincerely believed anything than his beleifs would be certifiably delusional. Parker Griffith, however, has never had undue issues with believing in much of anything other than his own graven image up on a pedestal.

Parker Griffith has no principle outside of his bank account. He has switched sides in battle, back-stabbed his allies, and repeatedly attempt to defame and undermine anyone standing between him and electoral glory. He has no beliefs in anything accept The Personality Cult of Parker Griffith. His unprincipled slef-regard is an insidious threat to decent republican democracy.


I therefore request that nay Alabama Republicans reading RS.COM make like Parker Griffith for a day. Don the disguise of liberal villany. Go to your appoint place of voting. Vote in the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary and vote for Kevin Bass so that we can at long last strike out Parker Griffith.


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