Getting The Revenge They Voted For – Practical Uses of The Fiscal Cliff

The Fiscal Cliff Is A Great Justification For Larceny!

Well, well, well. We have another crisis. It’s called “The Fiscal Cliff” and it just can’t go to waste. Somewhere, probably in the same non-descript warehouse that the GOP stores Dick Cheney’s old weather control ray, Evil Republicans are plotting….They want to steal MY2K!*


Well, no. They don’t want to steal anyone’s 2K and they lack the power to if they tried. This is not MY2K. This money belongs to people who generally (but with some hideous exceptions) are among the smartest, hardest-working and capable in America. I wrote earlier concerning the morally detestable class-warfare Democrats.

Any person who voted for Barack Obama for the express purpose of having him utilize the US tax and regulatory apparatus to take money away from the rich and give it to them personally, is the moral equivalent of a bank robber. Neither I, nor any other person alive, is entitled to two red cents out of another person’s stash just because we don’t have as much.

Yet this is the fundamental morality of the modern American Liberal. This is who these despicable human beings truly are beneath the bluster over fairness. They feel entitled to take somebody else’s 2K because they won and they will trump you on that. They declare something a right, and then never expect to have to plan, resource, work or pay for that particular good or service again. You just tax “the rich” instead of a human being. This works – somewhere other than on The Prime Material Plane.


However, this is expressly what Barack Obama promised his supporters when he told them to get out there and vote for revenge. This explains the “Tax Now, Cut Later” framework that seems to be emerging from current negotiations. We can see what actually occurs in the diagram below.

Obama actually claims to be getting $1.6Tr in revenues from higher taxes (but only on the rich), while cutting $2.8Tr in spending. This would be basically sane if it were accurate. He claims $1.081Tr from reducing military operations abroad.** When you cut through the bull-(Deleted) with a good, sharp broadsword, you get 73% of the savings from tax revenues,*** and 27% from spending. You’ve got a 3:1 ratio of higher taxes to lower spending. That’s what people get when they vote for revenge.

And as points out, here come the unintended consequences!

There is no real possibility of change except to the unequal. Your society will be entirely stagnant and will dis-incentivize people to improve themselves.

Improve myself? Isn’t work the curse of The Drinking Classes? And what for – It’s not like the government will be letting me keep it if I do.

We send a moral signal against adaptation to reality and self-improvement. Inequality provides an upward function by allowing society to separate good behavior from bad….


Nah, we made Sandra Fluke a candidate for Person of The Year because we’d rather have free birth control instead of learn impulse control. Bad consequences are not fair. We elected Barack Obama President so that they would cease to exist. It’s right there in FDR’s four freedoms. We were promised a (expletive) Visigoth Holiday at taxpayer expense!

We eliminate selection on the basis of ability and replace it with popularity. Perhaps the most damaging consequence of equality is that we stop selecting for people who are more effective and efficient. This puts power in the hands of those who are less competent, not more.

Never mind that the Thoracic Surgeon working on Gramma is using a crescent wrench and a pick-axe. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and suffered from a broken family. Gramma received lots of benefits from the government and now it’s her time to give back. It wouldn’t be fair to populate our workforce with the most competent and professional individuals. We voted for revenge against people that are double-plus ungood enough to suggest such things.

Well that’s why we here so much about the dreaded fiscal cliff. We need a crisis. There are political debts to be paid and that requires leverage. The crisis is useful and all good citizens need to learn to love it. The Amerikan People voted for revenge and there needs to be a means to adequately placate that motive. Visigoth Holidays tend to suck once the brewski runs out. So why again aren’t we telling President Obama “You won your revenge, now serve it up cold!”


*- And the idiots who pimp that hash-tag won’t even send GEORGE W. BUSH a condign thank you letter. The ingrates!
**- I’m relieved to hear that the enemy doesn’t get a vote on that $1Tr.
***- Static scoring, it’s so true to real life (sarcasm off)


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