Why Do They Hate Us? Because It Works Like Hell.

This Is How To Get Respect and Deference From US President Barack Obama

People seem perplexed as to how to get what they want from our president. They claim he is aloof, out of touch and too busy fundraising with Flo-Rida and “Pimp with a limp” to properly attend to their dearest desires. Fortunately for all five or six of my constant readers, I’ve discovered the key to getting whatever you want out of Barack Obama. You beat the man into submission when he is most vulnerable. If you are nice to him instead, you will be considered weak and urinated upon accordingly.


This is why the striking teachers will win in Chicago. Al Qaeda will get their way in Egypt, Libya and eventually Syria. It also explains why Israel’s President currently has less White House access than David Letterman.

Mobs of angry Muslim demomstrators decided to commemorate 9/11 in a fashion that would have made Muhammad Atta proud. They attacked the US embassy in each country and thanks to the Libyan security force, they successfully killed the US Embassador to Libya. Our ambassador’s corpse was then tossed around the street like a beachball at a waterpark. So if Barack Obama is president and you shoot the US ambassador to your country and then drag his corpse through the street, this is what you win. Ross Kaminsky chronicles the reaction of The US State Dept in Egypt.

1) Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. 2) Of course we condemn breaches of our compound, we’re the ones actually living through this. 3) Sorry, but neither breaches of our compound or angry messages will dissuade us from defending freedom of speech AND criticizing bigotry.
And then they followed up with this gem:
This morning’s condemnation (issued before protest began) still stands. As does our condemnation of unjustified breach of the Embassy.

So why not trash American property and kill our embassy staff more often? If this were the movie Groundhog Day, I’d be waiting for Jimmy Carter to send Warren Christopher over to beg on his knees for peace.


So given the fact that the Egyptian Embassy staff must know what happened next door in Libya, this tweet qualifies as unadorned cowardice in the face of an evil and barbaric enemy. This tweet from our Egyptian Embassy demonstrates why Democrats are completely and utterly unqualified to hold professional responsibility for the foreign policy of The United States of America.

“We condemn the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.”

How about condemning the misguided efforts of Muslim Jihaddis to body-pierce our embassy staff with sharp objects and firearms? How about condemning the fact that the people who made this supposedly offensive film about Muslims were in the US making said offensive film because the Muslims in Egypt were constantly threatening them with mob violence? How about some condemnation of that?

If I had question as to how to get favorable treatment from Barack Obama, this week’s events would answer it. If you try diplomacy with the man and treat him like an ally, he has more time for David Letterman than he does for your concerns. If you break into the US embassy, kill one of our ambassadors, and make sure you do so in order to commemorate 9/11, you get told that your religion is wonderful. Perhaps Carthage would have endured if Hasdrubal had chucked a few more screaming babies into the furnace of Ba’al.

Allen West had the right of how to deal with this atrocity. He said the following.


Less than 24 hours after our nation remembered the heinous attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans find their sovereign soil attacked again as more American lives are lost at the hands of intolerant, barbaric, radical Muslims.

How anyone can believe this President is strong on national security and foreign policy is beyond my comprehension. President Obama has clearly surpassed former President Jimmy Carter and his actions during the Iranian Embassy crisis as the weakest and most ineffective person to ever occupy the White House.

We now have an answer as to why the Chicago Teachers Union would strike right after a school year went into full swing and embarrass our government officials. We now have an answer to the pathetic, angst-filled question the left asked on 12 September 2001. Why do they hate us? It’s obvious. They hate us because it works like hell.


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