The Potemkin Obama Revolution On Wall Street.

You Will Obey The Central State! (Subsidiary of Wall Street That It Is).

The Days of Rage are an Obama election rally, coordinated ahead of time to coincide with Obama’s own descent into class warfare. Which makes them a pro-government rally.


– Eurasia Review

A bunch of exceedingly wealthy Americans have raised an army. George Soros, The Ruckus Society, The Tides Foundation, and The Ford Foundation have poured their filthy lucre into the arming of deracinated, barbaric thugs. They have marched off to war and occupied Wall Street?

This should be a pathetic joke. And not just because it involves Van Jones. The administration and, its lucre-laden lackeys who trust-fund the protesting trustifarians, appear to be another example of a bad Wall Street investment. One that is now exploding in a ball of fire reminiscent of the Hindenburg. But the situation is not that simple.

Wall Street is all in for Barack Obama. They toss in the chips like a pimple-faced online poker player detonating Dad’s Visa Platinum Card. The Center for Responsive Politics reports the following regarding Barack Obama’s 2011 re-election fundraising.

“Individuals who work in the finance, insurance, and real estate sector are responsible for raising at least $11.3 million for Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee,” the report says.


Jon Corzine, Charles Myers, Steven Green and Azita Raji have all gone from the plush, Wall Street corner office to the Obama Administration since 2008. This as Obama presumptuously told “The Banksters” that he and ONLY he stood between them and the pitchforks. The DNC’s Wall Street alliance includes 80 out of the 244 bundlers that the Center For Responsive Politics state work for Barack Obama.


And perhaps Lawrence Summers could be the Brooks Brothers clad poster boy for The Obama Administration’s incestuous conjugation with the titans of American Finance. Global describes the payola received by Summers since he signed on with Barack Obama.

Last year, Summers pocketed $5 million as a managing director of D.E. Shaw, one of the biggest hedge funds in the world, and another $2.7 million for speeches delivered to Wall Street firms that have received government bailout money. This includes $45,000 from Citigroup and $67,500 each from JPMorgan Chase and the now-liquidated Lehman Brothers. For a speech to Goldman Sachs executives, Summers walked away with $135,000.

In a sense, what is happening this fall on Wall Street parallels what Malcolm X believed happened to the American Civil Rights Movement. In his infamous “Roosting of Chickens” Speech, Malcolm had the following to say about the white liberals who bankrolled much of the American Civil Rights Movement.

The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political “football game” that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives. Politically the American Negro is nothing but a football and the white liberals control this mentally dead ball through tricks of tokenism: false promises of integration and civil rights.


– Malcolm

This is exactly what Barack Obama, George Soros and Warren Buffett are doing in today’s climate. They are channeling and buying outrage and populism. They are managing the threat of potential violence in order to further their own iniquitous ends. Vote for the billionaires or we’ll burn down Wall Street.

This is a surprisingly potent threat. I stop and think about how I’m trying to save to retire and put two kids through college. Wall Street pretty much has me by the…, well, my future strategy for success is dependent upon my ability to invest my left over salary in capital businesses. Van Jones and the rest of the freak show getting arrested on The Brooklyn Bridge are not a threat against Jamie Dimon of Morgan Stanley.

So just who are these protestors threatening? They threaten the American Middle Class. If your retirement is hurting now, check out the stock market if you piss Barack Obama off! That, more than anything else, is the message I take from The Potemkin Revolution taking place on Wall Street. They are asking us how much personal pain and deprivation we are willing to withstand in order to flense the wealthy, liberal parasite off of our body politic.



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