CPAC Recap VIP Live Chat With Thomas LaDuke, Scott Hounsell, Brad Slager, Jennifer O'Connell

AP Photo/John Raoux

RedState’s Thomas LaDuke is the host extraordinaire for tonight’s CPAC Recap Live Chat with RedState contributors Scott Hounsell, Brad Slager, and Jennifer O’Connell. The chat will begin right here on this page at 8 PM Eastern Time and last for about an hour.

Normally held in the DC area, CPAC 2021 was held in Orlando, Florida, largely because of Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership in keeping his state open. The event drew out all of the biggest names in the conservative movement, including elected officials, 2022 candidates, 2024 presidential hopefuls, and the man himself, President Donald Trump.

We’ll give you the behind-the-scenes stories and overview the speeches, the interviews, and the receptions throughout the 4-day event.

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