Watch: Roseanne Slams Jimmy Kimmel On His Show Over Cheering For The President To Fail

Jimmy Kimmel has been one of the more rabid anti-Trump hosts on late night television. To the point he’s admitted to losing a lot of Republican viewers over the repetitive hysteria. His recent penchant for tearful appeals to emotion as he obediently recites Democratic talking points are positively are something Kimmel would’ve likely mocked when Glenn Beck would tear up on Fox News.


It’s this kind of blatant partisanship from Kimmel that comedian actress Roseanne Barr took Kimmel to task over on his show when she appeared on his show last week.

Despite Kimmel’s persistent Democratic Party advocacy on his show, Roseanne’s critique wasn’t about partisanship, but about how she and a lot of Americans don’t want a president to fail, regardless of party.

“You all went so f***ing far out, you lost everybody… A lot of us, no matter who we voted for, don’t want to see our President fail.”

When Kimmel agreed, Roseanne asked if he’d rather have Vice President Mike Pence for president, to which Kimmel said no.

“Then zip that f***ing lip,” she said.

Barr is far from being a conservative. But as she and others, like comedian Adam Carolla, have explained about their transformation into being voters who no longer consider themselves Democrats and find themselves instead supporting and voting for Republicans. Of her move to the right, she explained to Kimmel, “I’m still the same. You all moved. You all went so f***ing far out you lost everybody.”



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