MSNBC Host Asks Each Guest If It's "Open Season" On The President

The issue of “violent rhetoric” has long been a specious allegation used by the left to make up controversies where there are none, and they never apply the same standards to their side as they do to those on the Right or with an opposing point of view.


Most notoriously is the still oft-repeated lie that Sarah Palin’s PAC using the term “in the crosshairs” in a circular about congressional districts, one of which was Rep. Gabby Giffords’, led an obsessed psycho to track down the congresswoman and open fire. Six people died that day and another 13 were injured, including Rep. Giffords who was shot in the head and will never be the same.

Was it the shooter’s fault Gabby Giffords and so many others were injured or dead? Not according to the media. The blame lay squarely at the feet of Sarah Palin’s using of a commonly used idiom, that happens to be a term originating with shooting and therefore guns and violence, was really to blame.

The really pathetic thing about the media and the Left making such idiotic accusations is if they were honest they would admit they know better. Idioms, euphemisms, analogies and all other kinds of comparative speech are essential language tools.

And it’s clear they know they’re creating fake controversies because they themselves use the same types of rhetorical devices, including ones they would claim are “violent.”

It’s worth pointing out if what occurred on Sunday’s MSNBC Live with Alex Witt,  was directed at a Democratic president, the same people would be absolutely apoplectic. The pearl-clutching would take an entire news cycle and the fall-out would leave us all a bit dumber.

Witt repeatedly asked every guest she possibly could if it is now “open season” on President Trump. Open season, of course, being a game hunting term which means licensed individuals are free to hunt.


More than one guest, including former DNC chairman and presidential candidate, Howard Dean, said it’s definitely open season on Trump.

“It’s always been open season on this president. He set a bar incredibly low for the way people behave in a civilized society,” Dean said.


So, because Trump is Trump and is a Republican president, the Left and the media are fine with using a term like “it’s open season” on another human being.

Is Trump a fair target for criticism? Absolutely. I don’t think Trump would even say he’s not. But the hypocrisy of Witt and Dean, as well as others she asked who agreed, repeatedly using a term they’d object to and find problematic for someone else is galling.

It would serve people well to remember how disingenuous and fake these “controversies” are the next time someone in the media or on the Left tries to have a mass-hysteria moment over the use of a common term and calling it “violent rhetoric.”


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