Ted Cruz Responds Perfectly To Ridiculous 'Controversy'

Sen. Ted Cruz responded to the inevitable questions that were coming regarding his verified Twitter account “liking” a tweet from a pornographic account in the early morning hours, which RedState covered here.


Cruz took the correct approach and joked about what is most certainly the dumbest news story of the past 12 hours.

When asked for comment, Cruz told reporters, “There are a number of people on the team that have access to the account and it appears that someone inadvertently hit the like button.”

Cruz stressed that the incident was unintentional, inadvertent, a mistake, not malicious, and it was “a staffing issue.” He also said it was being dealt with internally. Hopefully, that means having a laugh and ribbing whoever made the mistake before hinting there should be more care in the future.

When asked if the individual would be fired or disciplined, Cruz pointed out again the action was an accident.


That this actually became a news story covered in Politico, The Hill, and various other outlets shows the force social media can have to bring the utterly absurd into the mainstream consciousness.

MSNBC Morning Joe co-host, Joe Scarborough, had the response one wishes all could have when being presented with such nonsense “news” items. When the story came up in the prompter during this morning’s show Joe simply said, “I’m not going to read that.”

Now, we can only hope this puts a damper on one of the most ridiculous and honestly downright boring stories of the year, and that’s saying something.


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