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Story links below:

Reince Priebus Helped Bring Us Trump, So Good Riddance to Him by Jay Caruso

The Cruz Solution to Pre-Existing Condition Problem: Individual Responsibility by Patterico

Why Should Republicans Trust Higher Education? Cal Davenport

Desperate To Win, Democrats Decide They’ll Let Pro-Life Candidates Run On Their Ticket by Andrea Ruth

For Crying Out Loud, The Right Needs To Stop Doing This With Children by Jim Jamitis

The Trump RAISE Act Roll Out Miller-Acosta Kerfuffle (Full Video And Transcript) by Dan Spencer

Repealing This Law Won’t Stop Human Trafficking by Neil Stevens

Mueller’s Grand Jury: The End Game by Joe Cunningham

Politico: Using The Word Cosmopolitan Makes You An Anti-Semite by Streiff

The Bitcoin Civil War Is On! by Neil Stevens



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