The Results of Poll Asking About Impeaching Trump May Surprise You

A new poll shows that after only six months 42 percent of Americans are ready to see President Trump impeached already. But the same number of Americans feel exactly the opposite and would be upset if Congress took serious action against him.


Not only were the 1,330 Americans who took the survey split over impeachment, they were equally split, 34% – 34% in their intensity of how they feel that way.

“These results suggest that Trump is probably the most beleaguered first-term president in the country’s history, and certainly in modern history — highly unpopular among the public, with a significant portion clamoring for his impeachment barely six months after his inauguration,” says David Moore, a senior fellow at the University of New Hampshire and polling director for, a nonprofit, non-partisan news site.

Also noteworthy in the results is the fact that only 27 percent of Americans are confident Trump will serve his full term. On the other hand, nearly half, 46%, think the President won’t finish his first term, for whatever reason. And 1 in 10 Republicans agree.

As Stef W. Kight at Axios points out, “While President Trump is certainly not the first president to face a growing population of Americans who want him impeached, it’s uncommon to be this unpopular this early in a presidency.”


If Trump plans on getting anything besides executive actions done, he needs to get his numbers out of the tank. He’s his own worst enemy in that regard. Monday morning he spent tweeting about Hillary Clinton’s crooked dealings with Russia and deriding his own “beleaguered” Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

If Trump is impeached he’ll only have himself to blame.


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