Love Story: Morning Joe Edition

MSNBC’s lovebirds, Joe Scarborough (did you know he was once in Congress? It’s true.) and perennial sourpuss Mika Brzezinski, are at it again. Bringing America together in reacting as one to the recently engaged couple’s antics.


According to Page Six, Scarborough, who is in a band, premiered a song last week he wrote for Brzezinski called, “Let’s Fall In Love.”

Poor Mika was there for the mortification.

Brzezinski was in the crowd for the dedication.

When she later walked out, Joe asked: “You’re gonna hear your song and then leave? I’ll write you another one!”

She assured him she’d be right back.

The Federalist’s, Tom Nichols’, embodied the perfect response.

This may backfire on poor Joe, for as Jane Austen wrote, “I wonder who first discovered the efficacy of poetry in driving away love!”

Who indeed.


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