Family Of Facebook Murder Victim Speaks: "Each One of Us Forgive The Killer"

The family of Robert Godwin, the victim of a senseless attack on Easter Sunday that the killer aired live on Facebook, spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday and shared a message of forgiveness and faith.


“The thing that I would take away most from my father is he taught us about God. How to fear God. How to love God and how to forgive. And each one of us forgive the killer, the murderer,” Tonya Godwin, one of the victim’s daughters, told a stunned Cooper.

Godwin’s other daughter, Debbie, went on to say that she holds no animosity against the murderer because she believes he is “sick.” She went on to express sympathy for the murderer’s family. “I feel real sadness in my heart for him. I do.”

“We lost our dad, but this mother lost her son. His children lost their dad. It’s just what our parents taught us. Our parents didn’t just teach us, they lived it.”

Robert Godwin, 74, was a father of ten.


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