Chelsea Clinton, Achiever of Nothing, Is Being Rewarded for Lifetime Achievement

The writing is on the wall when it comes to the Clintons; They’re not going away anytime soon.

Media outlets, like The Hill, have been relentlessly pushing story after story about the former First Child, Chelsea, who has spent every moment of her life in the vaunted privilege of being the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton. The attempts to make her seem more exciting than a bowl of lentils are truly laughable.


Along with the trumped up hype that anything Chelsea Clinton does is newsworthy at all, comes the padding of her resume in preparation for her first foray into politics which is highly speculated to be in the next few years. Just last week it was announced that Chelsea is now on the Board of Directors of Expedia. A move that had those on the left and right rolling their eyes over the obvious machinations of the Clintons behind the scenes.

But on Wednesday, The Hill — are you shocked? — reported that Chelsea will finally be honored for all of her years in the trenches. The hours of toil spent drawing a six-figure salary for almost no work at NBC. The long hours of being the vice-chair of her parent’s slush fund, The Clinton Foundation.

That’s right. Finally. Finally, the 37-year-old is being recognized for all those years of doing nothing with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Variety.


Variety will hand out its lifetime achievement awards during its annual “Women in Power” luncheon at the ritzy Cipriani restaurant in midtown Manhattan on April 18.

Sounds about right for a Clinton.

Clearly, we are all in for many more years of being beaten over the head with Chelsea. The Clinton Machine is still turning its creaking gears to maintain relevance and power over a Democratic base that is tired of the Clinton’s and looking for a Bernie-style savior.


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