Hillary Clinton Tweets Article Calling Her 'Corrupt' and 'Unpopular'

Sometimes it’s the small things that get us through hard times. And by any measure, this election qualifies. Which is why this tweet from Hillary Clinton (technically from her campaign as it’s not signed “HRC”) deserved to be singled out and admired for the truly ironic thing it is, as it blatantly calls her “corrupt” and “unpopular” in its title.


Admittedly the title on the web page is slightly different than the preview in the tweet, but it still calls her corrupt. As Hillary has been trying to convince Americans she’s not corrupt for her entire public life, it is a sweet irony that she inadvertently endorses the claim that she is.

It should be noted that the article calls both Hillary Clinton and her presidential opponent, Donald Trump, corrupt and unpopular as well. The latest Fox News poll shows both Trump and Hillary with abysmal favorability ratings, with Trump squeaking ahead of Hillary with a paltry 39% to her 38%.

Hillary wanted to make history with her presidency; perhaps she will be in more ways than one with the lowest favorability rating of any incoming president.

Note: The Slate article is unsurprisingly a Hillary endorsement as it lists 239 reasons not to vote for Donald Trump and lists only one reason under the Clinton column of, “1. Poor email server management.”



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