Trump Getting "Clobbered" in New Polls

What a difference a weekend can make, huh? Turns out that boasting about grabbing women “by the p***y” isn’t a great look for a presidential candidate. Who knew? Rasmussen now shows a seven-point lead for Hillary, up from a dead heat on Friday:


Republican nominee Donald Trump has been clobbered in the White House Watch survey following the release of a video showing him discussing women in graphic sexual detail.

Rasmussen Reports’ latest national telephone and online survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds that Democrat Hillary Clinton has now jumped out to a seven-point lead – 45% to 38% – over Trump. On Friday, the two were in a virtual tie – Clinton 43%, Trump 42%.

The Rasmussen survey was conducted over a three-day period including October 5, 6, and 9, and thus captured some of the reaction to the 2005 tape of Trump talking like a horny 22-year-old. It does not appear to capture reaction to the debate.

But wait! There’s more! YouGov shows last week’s three-point lead for Hillary doubling to a six-point lead:

The turmoil of the last few days in the race for the Presidency ha[s] given Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton her widest lead over Republican Donald Trump in two months. The new Economist/YouGov Poll was conducted mostly after the release of a 2005 video recording of Trump making vulgar statements about women and his behavior towards them and as a number of GOP leaders rejected those statements and a number of them rejecting Trump as well.

With a month to go before the election, there are multiple occasions that could move some voters again. Tonight’s second presidential debate is one of those occasions. But the weekend’s Trump revelations appear to have hurt the New York businessman. Clinton now has a six-point lead over Trump in the four-way contest. Much of that increase comes because of a drop in support for Trump, not necessarily because of big gains by Clinton. And there is a bit more tentativeness: among some groups (especially women and 65 and older the percentages who say they are undecided have doubled.


That’s still not all! There is another surprising — one might even say shocking — poll from NBC and the Wall Street Journal that strongly suggests Trump is in even more trouble than these polls suggest. Indeed, we could be looking at losing the House. That’s how bad that one is. (More from Jay Caruso on that in about half an hour.)

This is, of course, not the final word. Reaction to the debate, which went reasonably positively for Trump, may help him. But with many (not me!) saying Hillary won, it may not. See, for example, Nate Silver, who said Trump needed help from this debate — and he didn’t get it.

Finally, there are certainly more October surprises to come. It’s likely to be a rocky road ahead — but Trump certainly lost this weekend. And he doesn’t have many left.




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