Pre-Debate Drama: Who's in Spin Room With Biden, and Check Out This Biden 'Supporter'

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I reported earlier how Joe Biden had finally emerged from his hunkering down for debate prep at Camp David. 

He still was doing the stilted walk, so we'll have to see what his physical performance looks like during the actual debate. 


He is now in Atlanta for the big event and guess who met him when he got off the plane? 

The election denier and twice-failed Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams. Some election deniers are more equal and acceptable than others. Well, if they have the magical "D" after their names, that is. 

Now that's interesting -- since I don't think they're particularly close -- but he's likely trying to do what he can to appeal for votes in the swing state of Georgia, where former President Donald Trump is leading in the polls. Did Joe also get a hair sniff in there as well? Perhaps he thinks that sucking up to Stacey Abrams will help him with black voters in the state. That might also be a factor in who he has in the spin room with him before the debate. 

Now they have Mary Trump there hoping to get under Donald Trump's skin. They want to be able to say one of his family supports Biden. But I doubt anyone gives a darn what Mary Trump thinks, and if he wants to start talking family, let's talk about Hunter, Ashley's diary, and a boatload of other things Biden might not like people talking about. Same with the rest of the list. I don't think that those folks have much influence with voters. 


But what was funny was the media had a camera shot of Biden "supporters." Now there weren't a lot of them to begin with -- what, like maybe tens of people? But among the supporters was Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA). 

He's the guy on the right side of the picture with a pin on his suit, as Townhall's Rebecca Downs observed. So they needed to buff out their number of supporters? The media should identify him as a politician. The few people there were wearing printed Biden shirts with printed signs, so they were likely not random people who came out for him. 

Notice also the Secret Service agent who's usually with Biden has his back -- literally -- putting his hand on his back. Is that for support or what? 

But the bottom line is that no matter how much Biden tries to deflect or antagonize Trump, he's not going to be able to change how bad his policies have been for the American people. And one big sign of that was on display in Atlanta. A big sign, as a matter of fact. 


Rachel Morin was the mother of five who was allegedly killed by an illegal alien who snuck in under Biden, yet Biden has yet to even say her name. 

This, and things like inflation, are what Americans will be thinking about and Biden can't explain away his failures. 


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