Biden Finally Emerges, As CNN Again Shows Its Bias in Question to Top Campaign Advisor

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden has finally emerged from his week in hiding, hunkered down doing debate preparation. 

So far, I'm not seeing much change in the "physical" — he was still doing that weird, stilted walk that he does to make it to the plane, and he's still using the short stairs. 


Notice Fox talks about the reports that Joe Biden's team wanted to have him sit down during the debate. CNN later denied that was the case, but Fox was asking if the bar was almost set too low for Biden — will they declare he won if he's just able to stand up? 

I have no doubt the Democrats and the liberal media will try that tactic. But the bottom line is Biden's failures, and former President Donald Trump should just keep hammering home the bad things that Biden has done from inflation to the border. 

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According to leaks from Biden's debate prep, Biden is going to try to be more aggressive and may call Trump a convicted felon, hoping to set him off. 

One of Biden's top campaign advisors, Cedric Richmond, gave what could be another indication of tactics that Biden may try during an interview with CNN's Kasie Hunt. But perhaps even worse than their pettiness, was the bias that CNN and Kasie Hunt again showed. Hunt asked if Trump "deserved" a handshake. 


What? It's simple politeness. Why doesn't Hunt ask whether Biden "deserves" a handshake after lying his head off about Trump and for years about the Charlottesville comment? Or any of the other mountains of lies Biden has told about him? She doesn't because she's biased, and she's already setting the table for how they're going to be approaching the debate, demonizing Trump. How unprofessional is she to ask a question like this? And even after all the blowback from her prior bias with Karoline Leavitt, she still can't stop herself here. 

Richmond's response —  that he wouldn't do it, but it was up to Biden — is, of course, petty and small. That should be called out by a normal reporter. But it's also an indication that the Biden team is going to be using that kind of demonizing in the debate, too. 

But this is the tactic that they keep trying, and it hasn't worked so far. It's unlikely to work in the debate either with the American people. Americans want answers to the problems Biden has helped to create, not all the same narrative. 



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