Megyn Kelly Mocks Hillary Clinton Book Cover and Op-Ed on How Biden Should Debate Trump

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Hillary Clinton has a new book out called "Something Lost, Something Gained." 

She also penned a recent op-ed in The New York Times about how to take on former President Donald Trump in a debate. 


Megyn Kelly took on both of those issues in her podcast during a discussion with Daily Mail columnist Maureen Callahan. 

First, Kelly highlighted what many people noted from the cover of Clinton's book. 

“The amount of retouching on this face I haven’t seen since Joan Rivers had her 15th surgery — God love Joan,” Kelly said on her SiriusXM podcast. She said she didn't know what Clinton was “trying to be with this soft focus.”

It doesn't even look anything like her on the cover. They took off so much that they completely changed her face. Maybe I would feel sorry for Hillary that she seems to have such an issue with aging if she wasn't such a horrible human being who has so harmed the country with the things she's done. 

I think Clinton's title, "Something Lost," is pretty sad, too — Clinton is still focused on losing to former President Donald Trump.


But just like the book cover, the op-ed is lacking in self-awareness, as Kelly points out. Clinton claims what she did against Trump in the debate "worked" — except it didn't. She lost. “Why aren’t you the president if you’re so smart about how to debate Trump?" Kelly asked. 

Clinton claimed in the op-ed that there was no point in trying to refute what Trump has to say because he will just "blather." Or maybe because you couldn't? The problem for Hillary was that Trump was talking reality about issues that mattered to the working class and middle America, "who she totally ignored," as Kelly explained. Plus, Trump wasn't cheating like Hillary was, as Kelly reminds people, likely referencing Clinton getting questions.  

Biden has the same problem Hillary did. He can't talk issues; he has to demonize Trump as she tried to do because he has nothing else. But Hillary calls Biden the "most empathetic" occupant of the Oval Office we've ever had. Talk about clueless. 

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Callahan then made some great points that there's no doubt the first question out of the box for Trump is going to be something about being a convicted felon. Yet, she doubted there would be any questions about Ashley Biden's diary or what lawmakers and G7 attendees said about how bad Biden's condition has gotten. 


What will be the case, just as it was with Hillary, is that the moderators will be on the side of the Democrats against Trump, Kelly said. And so yes, Trump will doubtless not only be debating the husk that is Biden but biased moderators as well. 

Kelly predicted they would ask about age, but "both sides it" as though the two were in equal condition. I think that's right; they won't go hard at Biden regarding his incoherence because that would just expose too much truth. 

It's funny that Hillary thinks she has anything to say on the matter since she lost to Trump and still doesn't seem to understand/accept why. But let Biden take whatever she has to offer — and lead him to the same result. 



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