Biden Team Asked About Him Taking Performance Enhancers, Response Raises Even More Questions

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One of the big questions hanging out there for the CNN debate is whether Joe Biden will be taking or be given any performance enhancers to help him out. 

Now, the Biden team may have just added more fuel to that fire with their responses to direct questions on the matter. 


Fox News Digital reached out to the Biden campaign, the White House, and the Trump campaign to ask  if the candidates have any plans to use performance-enhancing drugs for the debate.

According to Fox:

The Biden campaign twice avoided a direct answer to the question.

"Donald Trump is so scared of being held accountable for his toxic agenda of attacking reproductive freedom and cutting Social Security that he and his allies are resorting to desperate, obviously false lies," Biden campaign spokesperson Lauren Hitt told Fox News Digital on Wednesday evening. 

When asked in a follow-up email for a "yes" or "no" response, Hitt said her original statement answered the question.

"The accusation from Trump on drugs is a ‘desperate, obviously false lie,'" Hitt added. 

The White House did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

In contrast, when former President Donald Trump's team was asked a direct "yes or no" question, they responded, "Absolutely not." Spokesperson Karoline Leavitt added: 

"President Trump has naturally elite stamina and doesn't need performance-enhancing drugs, unlike Joe Biden, who many are saying will be drugged up for the debate like he was at the State of the Union. President Trump has repeatedly asked Joe Biden to participate in drug testing. What does Team Biden have to hide?"

It says a lot when they won't give a simple "no" to the direct question and they refuse to clarify the issue by taking a test, when they know the issue is out there. 

The NY Post outlined things one could take/be given that could enhance performance--from peptide infusions to help clarity, Adderall to help focus, Botox to deal with sweating, and even B12  shots for energy. 


Biden hasn't spoken, standing alone on a stage for more than 30 minutes during his 11 rallies in 2024 except for three times, and those were just a couple of minutes longer. There's a continuing question about his ability and his coherence level. The Biden team and the media want to call the videos that reveal the problem "cheap fakes," but the problem for them is that they're real and they can't be argued away. 

But hey, as we noted, he's been practicing standing for 90 minutes during his debate prep. So maybe he'll be able to do that. That's the low bar for him, and the liberal media will probably cheer that and call him the winner if he doesn't fall off the stage. That's where we're at, at this point. 

It promises to be an interesting show. Buckle up, and hang on for the ride. 


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