Turley Demolishes Pelosi and J6 Committee, As Former Capitol Police Chief Finishes Her With More Facts

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I reported on the bombshell video of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) admitting responsibility for the lack of security at the Capitol as she was leaving it on Jan. 6. She also said they should have been accountable but weren't. 


The video was taken by her daughter for an HBO documentary about Jan. 6, but hadn't been released to the public before a couple of days ago. The House Administration Oversight Committee released it after they got it from HBO. 

Pelosi gave a ridiculous and desperate response to the release of the video, calling it "revisionist history" from Republicans. That prompted a lot of mockery from people. How could her own words be "revisionist history"?  

Meanwhile, the former chief of the Capitol Police at the time of the riot, Steven Sund, responded to the video and blasted her, saying he had asked for the National Guard multiple times and he was turned down. 


Bombshell Video of Pelosi on J6 Admitting 'Responsibility' for Security Failure Implodes Dem Narrative

Pelosi Has Desperate 'Revisionist' Response to Bombshell J6 Video, Former Capitol Police Chief Wrecks Her

As Rebecca Downs at sister site Townhall.com noted, quoting George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley, he demolished Pelosi and the J6 Committee. He blasted them for concentrating too much on going after former President Donald Trump and burying evidence like this: 

Had Pelosi and others accepted National Guard support and installed fencing as was done at the White House, it is doubtful that the riot on January 6th would have occurred or any disruption would have been far more limited in scope. The fact that the J6 Committee downplayed this major factor in the riot further undermines how the investigation was framed by the Democratic leadership. Pelosi barred the GOP members selected for the committee, hand picking two anti-Trump Republican members.

The absence of any balance on the committee was evident from the start. There was little effort to present alternative explanations or defenses to critical issues raised in hearings. No opposing witnesses were called who might contradict the narrative put forward by the Committee, including witnesses who would debunk the much-repeated, false claim that Trump wrestled with his driver to gain control of the presidential limo to drive to the Capitol.

With the Speaker admitting on tape that she bore responsibility for the lack of precautions, one would think that the J6 Committee, including then Vice Chair Liz Cheney, would consider that relevant for the public to understand the underlying facts. Instead, it was buried with much other countervailing evidence.



They didn't care about the truth, what they cared about was going after Trump and having something they could try to attack Republicans over prior to the midterm elections. 

Sund added a little more to his original response, further saying it was Pelosi's responsibility and that she undermined his law enforcement capability, but then changed the law that made him have to go through the Sergeant at Arms after the riot. 

So, he very directly points the finger right at her. 

Now the House GOP is asking the right questions and this is coming out. Pelosi and the Democrats can try to spin it, but it blows up their narrative.



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