Pelosi Has Desperate 'Revisionist' Response to Bombshell J6 Video, Former Capitol Police Chief Wrecks Her

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As we reported, the House GOP released a bombshell video that was taken on Jan. 6, 2021, as then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was leaving the Capitol, getting away from the riot. In the video, Pelosi said, "We did not have any accountability for what was going on there, and we should have," and that she admitted  "responsibility for not having them just prepare for more.”


The video was taken by her daughter as part of her HBO documentary and the Republicans requested the video from HBO as part of their investigation. This is the first time the video has been released to the public. 


Bombshell Video of Pelosi on J6 Admitting 'Responsibility' for Security
Failure Implodes Dem Narrative

Now Pelosi is reacting to the release of the video. Her response is actually a little hilarious while taking all kinds of nerve.  

Pelosi claimed former President Donald Trump and his "toadies" were trying to do "revisionist history." 

"We cannot let us be dragged into there again," she said, sounding incoherent and tripping over her own words. 


"False imperishing [sic] of what happened that day. They know what happened that day," Pelosi said. She seemed to be doing a "Biden," even down to the left eye being almost closed, in addition to the incoherence and the slurring. 

But the funny thing was her claiming the production of her own words was "revisionist history." 

In a manner of speaking, she's right; it does revise and help undermine the Democratic narrative. But she can't blame her own words on the GOP or Trump. She's the one admitting it, on video taken by her own daughter. 

Then the man who was the Chief of the Capitol Police at the time, Steven Sund, also weighed in, and he didn't hold back on Pelosi's comment. 

Pelosi was surprised we didn’t have National Guard on Jan6?? I was denied National Guard support multiple times before January 6, and repeatedly for 71 minutes ON January 6.MY STORY HASN’T CHANGED!

In other words, he's shooting down her surprised reaction, noting his request for help was denied multiple times before Jan. 6 and on the 6th. 


Who was it denied by? Here are some prior clips explaining who turned it down. Hint: It wasn't Trump, who had offered the National Guard.  

Sund says he wanted help, but he had to go through the Capitol Police Board for approval, and he was denied twice, as he later told Tucker Carlson. 

Sund also told Congress the same thing during his testimony, and listen to this clip to the end about why. 

According to him, the House Sergeant at Arms told the Senate Sergeant at Arms they had to come up with another answer to Sund's request because Pelosi "would never go for it." Oh. 


Then, too, Sund pointed out in Congressional testimony that Pelosi had, in fact, spoken to him that day contrary to what she claimed after Jan. 6. So he's saying what Pelosi said about that day wasn't true. 

Pelosi can call it revisionist, but the only one trying to "revise" things here seems to be Pelosi. 


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