Who Could Have Predicted: Illegal Alien Let Out on Bail in NYPD Beating Case Arrested for Violent Crime

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We reported on the incident of the mob of illegal aliens that beat the two NYPD officers on Jan. 27--then most of them were let go without bail.

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Mob of Illegals Savagely Beats NYPD Officers, Some Apprehended but Immediately Let Loose With No Bail

But now, it turns out that one of the people involved, who was believed to have fled New York City, has just been arrested again in the city. He didn't look too happy, as the authorities marched him down the street. 

Nineteen-year-old Darwin Andres Gomez-Izquiel was arrested again, as part of a group of four people who allegedly stole about $600 in clothing from a Macy's in a Queens mall. They struggled with a security employee, who tried to stop them and punched him. The employee suffered some injuries. Gomez-Izquiel has been charged with robbery and petit larceny. 

According to the NY Post, the group was "acting in concert," trying to stuff clothes into bags. 

The local ABC News affiliate reported he was taken into custody by federal agenda at the Queens Center Mall on Tuesday evening. "Federal" might suggest ICE, otherwise I'm not sure who else would be indicated here. 


Had the authorities not let him go, but held him on bail, this might not have happened.

The police union president issued a statement regarding Gomez-Izquiel's re-arrest. 

"Those who attack NYC police officers have zero respect for the law. This is exactly what happens when our justice system fails to hold them accountable — they are emboldened to victimize other New Yorkers. He needs to be put back behind bars and kept there," PBA President Patrick Hendry said.  

Gomez-Izquiel was charged with second-degree assault on a police officer and obstructing governmental administration for the NYPD assault. 

So far, seven have been indicted, but Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg said they were still looking for five individuals in the beating of the police officers case.

Unfortunately, we see alleged criminals let go all the time in Democratic-controlled cities like New York, thanks to progressive DAs who seem to think they should just release criminals. People have to wonder if there are any consequences to criminal actions any more. 

But now, one has to wonder if, given all the publicity in the NYPD case, the judge in this matter will let him go without bail again. If the judge does that, the judge would have to know that he/she is going to have the media come down on his/her this time. Hopefully, ICE has the sense to be camping outside the court, should Gomez-Izquiel be let go again. But I'm not sure that I would count on it. 


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