Very Damning New Info From Hur Report, Plus Embarrassing Evidence That Might Upend Biden Claim About Docs

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There's some new damning and embarrassing information from the Special Counsel's report now coming out, and if it wasn't bad enough for Joe Biden before, it is now.


The Hur report indicated what a complete disaster Biden was in terms of keeping and not returning classified documents. What's described here is insane, and former president Donald Trump didn't come close to any of this. RealClear Investigations reporter Benjamin Weingarten grabbed some of the most damning and concerning parts. 

He had all kinds of classified material and they appeared to have no system for recovering it. 

This has been a problem for years, with the "Executive Secretary Team" expressing concern in 2010 about all the classified briefing books he had not returned, and that even when things were returned, some items were missing.  

They were unable to determine if some of this material was ever returned. 

He took his notebooks home with him and kept them, even though they had classified materials in them. He kept them in unsecured locations. 


According to the report, Biden read portions of his notebook that contained classified information up to the Secret Level to the ghostwriter. 

Here's another place where it looks like Biden told the Special Counsel's team something that wasn't true. 

But of course, given the story about his discussions with the ghostwriter, that appears to be false. Why is that not being pursued as a false statement? The "poor memory" defense? 

The National Archives had no recollection of him ever returning anything after his term as Vice President. 


Imagine that and how much stuff that could encompass. 

But one of the worst things for Biden and funniest at the same time is how the second folder in a box with marked classified documents had Joe Biden's distinctive misspelling of Afghanistan, "Afganastan." 

Now this is the guy that claims to be the foreign policy expert? Oh, my gosh. 

On top of that, the fact that the folder is in the box with the classified documents tends to show that he had a connection to that folder, and it ties him to the documents and the box.  He admitted it probably was his writing because of the spelling. 


He's tried the ridiculous defense that it's the fault of the staff that moved things. But the facts show how problematic that claim is. 

Wow. I mean, I know Joe Biden is a mess. But he's been a mess for years, and the way he has handled classified documents is unconscionable. How is he not slapped with all kinds of charges when this is what the Special Counsel says occurred? 

It's hard to look at any kind of prosecution of former President Donald Trump as fair and not selective prosecution when you read what Joe Biden has done, for years, according to this report. 


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