Biden Throws Israel Under the Bus in a Big Way - Says Israel Has to Change Its Approach, Government

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What was it that Obama Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said about Joe Biden? 

That he's been wrong about foreign policy for 40 years? Well, all we have to do is amend that to 50 years, as, unfortunately, he's still predictably wrong on everything.


When it comes to the Israel-Hamas war, it was predictable that Biden would get weaker in his support as the war progressed and the left screamed louder about the "genocide" in Gaza. That was easy to foresee. 

Now, here it is officially. The guy who claimed he was 100 percent with Israel told donors at a Monday night campaign reception — receptions seem to be the majority of the "work" Biden is doing these days —  that Israel had to change its government and warned that support for the country’s military campaign is waning amid heavy bombardment of Gaza.

Biden supposedly said that Israel needed to change its conservative government and that support for Israel was waning. 

Speaking to Democratic donors in Washington, Biden said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a “tough decision to make.”

“This is the most conservative government in Israel’s history,” Biden said, adding that the Israeli government “doesn’t want a two-state solution.”


That's an incredibly bad take from Biden, right as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was saying that they had Hamas on the ropes, and it was the beginning of the end, with many in Hamas surrendering. 

Netanyahu: It's the 'Beginning of the End' for Hamas as Even More Terrorists Surrender, Give Vital Intel

Now, this will give Hamas hope that all they need to do is hang in there as their activist buddies throw more tantrums, and eventually, the U.S. will start undercutting the effort. This will make the leftists believe they have succeeded in getting Joe Biden to cave, so they will ramp up their actions even more. It will also make Israel realize they can't count on the U.S. under Joe Biden as an ally. 

On top of it all, it's Biden playing games, trying to undercut Netanyahu and the conservatives, and trying to change Israel's government. Gee, what direction does Biden want the government to go in? More to the left, of course. That's a truly vile thing to do in the middle of a war. 

He's also probably trying to help himself with the left in the election since they have been chanting "Genocide Joe," and that should not be entering into his foreign policy decisions here. That's also incredibly wrong.


Plus, because he's Joe Biden, he's wrong about support waning for Israel. Most Americans are supportive of their fight. What Joe likely means by this is "the people on the left who I need for votes" are "waning." Also, it's Hamas that is against a two-state solution, not Israel. Hamas is still agitating to completely eliminate Israel. 

If Taiwan and China are looking at this, once again, what will they see? 

Biden showing all kinds of weakness and not willing to stand up to terrorists.


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