WATCH: Clueless Ceasefire Protesters' Response to Question About Hamas Explains So Much

AP Photo/Kin Cheung

When you see all the college students and young people involved in the rallies and anti-Israel protests, one has to wonder how they have such a twisted view of the world. Yes, many are leftists, so they start with a deficit. But how could they chant things like "from the river to the sea" -- which is a call for the elimination of Israel? 


Even if they care about any of the people in Israel, how could they push for a ceasefire that would help the terrorists who attacked Israel and slaughtered women and children? If they claim to care about the people of Gaza, then they would want to get rid of Hamas, whose terrorism hasn't just harmed Israel, but has also oppressed the people there. Any money flowing into the area is prioritized to attack Israel, not to help the people. 

But how much do the students involved know about any of this? Or are they just joining in what is the latest leftist "thing?  Let's hear from two protesters who were asked about the October 7th attack on Israel, at a protest in London last Saturday. Their response explains so much. 

In a clip shared online, an interviewer from the Campaign Against Antisemitism asks the pair: “When Hamas invaded Israel on 7th October, what was your initial reaction to that?”

One replies: “I don’t believe they did, did they? Hamas?”

The other responds nervously: “I think so... honestly I think I need to be a bit more clued up on everything that’s going on, so I feel like I’m not really qualified to answer that too well.”

The first activist then adds: “I mean, I’m not sure if I’ve seen anything that shows that that’s actually happened or factually correct.”


Neither of them has any idea of what's going on, yet there they are supporting something that can help terrorists. The one on the left is carrying a sign attacking British leaders and calling for a ceasefire. A ceasefire from what? She doesn't even understand what started the war. They probably don't know what the chants mean, either. 

At the protest where these two were, people were selling a pamphlet supporting Hamas. People also threw fireworks at the police.

The video of the women went viral with more than 1.4 million views because the ignorance is so astonishing. 

What's surprising about these two women in London is the one admitting she didn't know anything about the attack. We don't see admitting ignorance that much from such protesters in this country. Yet, she is still there at the protest event, seemingly supporting something she does not understand. 

Combine that ignorance we see with the present-day, leftist students' sense that everyone should listen to them (even if they are wrong) and you have a dangerous combination. And it's not endemic to London, it's all over this country as well. You saw pro-Hamas student groups, this week at Columbia University, getting shut down for dangerous rhetoric and unsanctioned events against Israel. 


And let's not ignore how the Congressional staffers came out for a ceasefire as well the other day, pushing Hamas propaganda. Those are the folks trying to influence their bosses on policy, and that's a troubling situation when they are so ignorant and twisted. 



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