WATCH: Congressional Staffers Demand Israel-Hamas Ceasefire—While Hiding Behind Masks

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

We reported previously about how a State Department official resigned over U.S. support for Israel in the Israel-Hamas war, and that more might be looking for an exit. 


There was also an internal memo written by two State Department staffers demanding that the U.S. support a ceasefire, as well as other similar thoughts submitted to the department's Dissent Channel.

But now some Congressional staffers have just made a video on the Capitol steps to express their displeasure that the U.S. hasn't called for a ceasefire in the war.

We are Congressional staffers are Capitol Hill and we are no longer comfortable being silent. We were horrified by the brutal October 7 attacks on Israeli civilians. And we are horrified by the overwhelming response by the Israeli government that has killed thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Our constituents are pleading for a ceasefire. And we are the staffers answering their calls everyday. Most of our bosses on Capitol Hill are not listening to the people they represent. We demand that our leaders speak up and demand a ceasefire and call for release of all hostages, and an immediate de-escalation now. 

We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of every single beautiful and innocent life. We join now in a moment of silence and interfaith prayer for those we have lost. 


Does anyone care what anonymous staffers think? 

But they did it with a twist. Notice they don't even have the courage of their convictions. If what they are pushing for is so right, then why are they masked and hiding their faces? Why don't they want people to know what they stand for? 

Bottom line: they know there's a problem, that's why they don't want to show their faces.

They're pushing Hamas propaganda with those figures as well. Where's the evidence to support that number of casualties? Plus, accidental civilian deaths are not the same as deliberate targeting of civilians, which is what Hamas did. Yet they equate the attack on Israel with the response to the Hamas terrorists. To them, they're equally horrible events. That's twisted and untrue. Anyone who thinks that is either ignorant or biased for terrorists and shouldn't be anywhere near a position of power or anything involving the security of this nation. 

Israel encouraged civilians to leave. It was Hamas who prevented that. Israel is more concerned about the civilians than Hamas, the so-called government. To them, civilians are just cannon fodder to be used as human shields. 

There already was a ceasefire -- on October 6, yet Hamas wants to keep killing Jews. So what's the point of all this besides helping terrorists? 



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