How the World Is Treating Us Now: Saudi Arabia Snubs Blinken Big Time

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We've heard a lot of things from the Biden team about the "adults are back in charge" and "America is back." Instead, what we've seen under Joe Biden is massive incompetence and a world devolving into chaos and war. 


As a result, our alleged leader is a joke and bad actors around the world are emboldened by his weakness. America isn't "back" -- it's in great danger because of Joe Biden, as is the peace of the world that hangs so much on our stability. 

Biden has made the situation in the Middle East worse by courting Iran, making deals with them, and releasing billions to them. That's likely part of the reason we saw this attack on Israel by Hamas. The Biden team is now trying to scramble to deal with the situation, but it's a bit too late and we're still dealing with all the bad prior policy. 

We saw that Biden still hadn't learned anything when he announced that he was going to funnel even more money -- $100 million --  for "aid" to Gaza and the West Bank.  

What will they do if Hamas hijacks the aid, as has been reported in the past? Secretary of State Antony Blnken has said they would be sure to condemn them. I'm sure that that has to have them shaking in their boots -- a strongly worded letter might come if they grab the aid. 

But this is the level of leadership we have at this time. The world knows it and is running all over them. 


Blinken went to the Middle East to try to coalesce support around Israel after the Hamas attack on October 7, to try to get them to condemn Hamas. He went to allies like Saudi Arabia. 

So how did Saudi Arabia treat Blinken?

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reportedly made Secretary of State Antony Blinken wait hours for a scheduled meeting, ultimately delaying it until the following day.

The Washington Post reported this development, characterizing it as a significant snub to the top U.S. diplomat.

That's treating him like the red-headed stepchild that no one wants. That's where the Biden team has led us with our allies. 

When MBS finally met with Blinken, he called for Israel to stop military operations in Gaza. So Blinken wasn't even close to getting what he went there to get.  

Blinken also ran into problems with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi as well, although there weren't reports of him being snubbed there. 

In a Sunday meeting at the Cairo presidential palace, el-Sissi stated, "Israel's assaults have exceeded the right of self-defense" and have become "collective punishment."


Egypt also bailed on the planned summit they were supposed to have with Joe Biden during his visit. He had planned on going to Jordan for that, but after the cancellation, ended up only going to Israel and not meeting with any other leaders in the region, apart from Netanyahu. 

It's hard to forget how under former President Donald Trump struck the historic Abraham Accords and Saudi Arabia was brought closer to Israel. Now under Biden, they're moving closer to Iran and China. As we reported, Iran's Foreign Minister went to Saudi Arabia after Iran threatened Israel with a couple of chilling messages. The reaction of Saudi Arabia wasn't to block them from coming, it was to blame Israel for the explosion at the Gaza hospital, calling it a "heinous crime by the occupation forces." 

This is where Biden has led us, and I think what we may see next wouldn't be good. 



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