Joe Rogan Just Dropped Bill Clinton With Comment About Jeffrey Epstein and That Infamous Painting

Joe Rogan might want to put out a tweet that he isn’t considering suicide anytime soon, given that he just took a big shot at former President Bill Clinton and his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.


You may have heard of or seen the picture that Epstein had in his Manhattan townhouse of Clinton in a blue dress.

But Rogan made a point about why it was featured so prominently in Epstein’s home. It was to demonstrate that he knew things about Clinton, Rogan said.

“That painting is like: ‘I got you, bitch,” Rogan said, adding, “You know he knows about it.”

“Imagine if I knew some horrible dark secrets about you and you came over to my house and I have a giant painting of you. Right when you walk into the front door of you in a dress and I’m like, ‘Hey buddy.’”

Guest comedian Duncan Trussell, who initially chalked the painting up to Epstein’s poor taste in art, quickly agreed that it was displayed as a power move.

“And now you kind of control a president. Holy s–t,” Trussell said.

The suggestive oil painting — dubbed “Parsing Bill” by its grad school creator– was intentionally displayed to catch the eyes of guests as soon as they walked into Epstein’s mansion.

It depicts the former president coyly pointing to the viewer with his thighs exposed by the hiked-up blue dress, which is eerily similar to the one Monica Lewinsky famously wore during their infamous White House affair.


“That is terrifying,” Trussell said. Rogan agreed. Indeed it is when you consider the power that such a man may have had over Clinton and how Epstein had a habit of calling in his chits when he needed to. We saw how he made use of his connections to others. What might that have involved with Bill Clinton?

As we reported, a journalist had the nerve to ask Clinton about it last year, and if looks could kill, that was this look.

“I think the evidence is clear,” Clinton said. Maybe, just not in the way that he would like. After that reporter published that video, he also hastened to add that he was “not suicidal.”

Epstein went to the White House 17 times while Clinton was president. As Rogan noted, Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane for at least 26 trips. Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s accomplice, was a guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010, after Epstein’s conviction in 2008.


Clinton’s body man claimed that Clinton went to Epstein’s island, although Clinton has denied that. Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims, has also claimed that Clinton was on the island.


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