Secret Service Ends White House Cocaine Investigation by Insulting Everyone's Intelligence

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

The U.S. Secret Service has ended its investigation into the bag of cocaine found at the White House. As RedState reported, the illicit drugs were originally found on July 2nd, and the story kept morphing from there.


At first, the cocaine was claimed to have been “near” the White House (and that it wasn’t regular cocaine). A day later, a report came out that it was actually found in the White House Library with the implication being that a tourist left it behind. Next, we were told that the drugs were found at the West Executive Entrance. Lastly, the White House came out and said the baggie was placed in a cubby used to deposit electronic devices, with the blame being pointed at construction workers.

In other words, the entire situation has been an incoherent mess with a constantly changing narrative. That has made many suspicious and for good reason. Why would anyone believe anything the Biden administration has to say after taking people on that wild ride?

Sure enough, in a move that isn’t going to quell any doubts, the Secret Service has now concluded its “investigation” into the matter. Here’s the result per CNN.


The Secret Service has concluded its investigation into the small bag of cocaine found at the White House and has been unable to identify a suspect, two sources familiar with the investigation told CNN.

Secret Service officials combed through visitor logs and surveillance footage of hundreds of individuals who entered the West Wing in the days preceding the discovery and were unable to identify a suspect, one of the sources said.

Investigators were also unable to identify the particular moment or day when the baggie was left inside the West Wing cubby near the lower level entrance where it was discovered.

The second source said that the leading theory remains that it was left by one of the hundreds of visitors who entered the West Wing that weekend for tours and were asked to leave their phones inside those cubbies.

So let me get this straight. The cocaine was reportedly left in a security area where people deposit electronic devices. That would mean there would have been cameras everywhere. Further, the people that make it to that point would have gone through multiple levels of security beforehand. There are also visitor logs for all outside entrants to the White House.


And yet, we are to believe that they just couldn’t find the culprit? That they didn’t see a single suspicious person on camera? I mean, come on. I understand that it’s possible the cocaine was left by a visitor, but when you jerk people around like this and then just suddenly end the investigation by claiming nothing was found, people are going to roll their eyes.

We are talking about federal agencies that are supposed to be the best of the best. These are the people that protect elected officials and stop assassins. But they can’t figure out who left a bag of cocaine in a public area of the White House covered in cameras.

I’ll leave you guys to speculate as you see fit.



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