Bud Light Sponsors Pride Event With Naked People and Other Concerning Things Near Children

We saw Bud Light return to Twitter the other day with a new ad that has been getting ratioed into next week as they try to dig their way out from under the self-inflicted wound of endorsing transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. As we reported, it did not go well, and I don’t think it convinced anyone that they understood what they had done endorsing someone’s “365 Days of Being a Girl,” which mocked both women and girls. On some levels, the spot was better than what they’ve done before because at least parts of it were funny.


Bud Light tumbled out of its position as the number one beer in the nation, a position that they’d held for some time. Their CEO also issued another statement last week, saying they just want to be about the beer and claiming “we hear you” to the people who were upset with them. But again, there was no apology or recognition that they truly “heard” what was being said. Because if they had, they might have thought better of what they appeared to be endorsing during their sponsorship of the Toronto Pride events this weekend.

Here’s part of what they had on the Bud Light-sign adorned stage on Friday night.

Warning for graphic content past this point:

Then there was the parade itself on Sunday afternoon. Bud Light had a float truck and marchers.


So I’m guessing that their people probably saw the naked people marching in the parade. There were also kids all over the place. Who thinks it’s a good thing to march naked in front of kids? Or anyone else, for that matter?

One of the men held a sign that said, “Proudly celebrating my diversity! Is getting naked therapeutic?”

I’m not sure what the parents were thinking who bring kids to an event that is likely to feature naked people and fetishists. What they weren’t doing was their job at parenting their children. Is there even a difference anymore between “pride” and public indecency?

How are the parents who brought their kids to this going to explain the people dressed up in bondage outfits and doing “puppy play”? More NSFW video right here:


Partway through the video, you see one of the “puppies” bend over to play with someone on the side. While we can’t see who it is in the clips, one has to wonder if it’s a child; there were kids all over the place.

Then perhaps one of the worst things during the whole parade was the wagon that was being pulled by a woman. In the wagon was a child. There was a sign attached to the wagon. The sign boasted about a woman’s hospital’s “First transition-related surgery program,” right over the child’s head.


Is this what Bud Light means when they talk about their focus? “We will focus on what we do best — brewing great beer and earning our place in moments that matter to you,” the CEO said. I’m kind of thinking that this doesn’t have much to do with beer, and I’m thinking that people seeing all this connected to Bud Light are not exactly going to be racing out to buy what the CEO is trying to sell here.



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