Biden Bizarrely Touches Someone Again, Then He and Jill May Have Been Trolled by Audience Members

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I truly think that Joe Biden is just getting weirder and weirder.

It used to be that he might do or say one crazy thing a day. Now he has a whole raft of things, and if he goes to more than one place … watch out. He’s likely going to say/do a lot of weird things. We noted some of the weirdness earlier on Saturday in his meeting with Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA). Fetterman added to that, wearing a hoodie and shorts when he met with Biden. But Biden also made a weird comment when he was asked if he thought the 2024 campaign was going to be a nasty one. As I noted, there’s a reason that most Americans have doubts about his fitness for office.


Biden continued with the strangeness at his stop at a union event in Pennsylvania. We’ve seen his sniffing and behavior with women and girls. Some wondered about how he touched Eva Longoria on Thursday and made a weird remark about her being 17 when they met. But he even has odd behavior with men, too. He’s obsessed with men’s biceps. He’s made comments before about guys and their muscles. He did it again here, even feeling up the worker’s arm.

I wish he would stop touching people, it’s so strange. “If I say anything you don’t like, let me know,” Biden said to the poor man, as he was feeling his bicep. I have to give it to that guy, he managed to hold it together. I probably would have said, “Why the heck are you touching me?”

“He’s got guns as big as my thighs,” Biden said bizarrely. He’s done this before, talking admiringly about a Russian man’s biceps, saying he hoped we were on the “same side.” Someone told him he was Russian, he said, “I don’t care who he is. He’s got some real biceps.” He also made similar comments about a Ukrainian official in Kyiv.

Then it wouldn’t be a Joe visit without a little confusion. They were trying to lead him to watch a live feed of the I-95 collapse.


“Mr. President, we put up a live feed here…”

BIDEN: “That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Be able to see exactly what’s happ—”

“Actually, the live feed is over here.”

Now, while Joe is always pandering, he took that to another level, too. He told union workers in the room that they matter more to everything in the country than investment bankers do.

Not only is Biden weird, but it sounds like he and Jill might have been trolled during remarks they were making. First, there was Joe, when he tried to convince people that billionaires only pay eight percent in taxes, as though that’s an official rate, which is not the case. Some may pay less, some may more depending on their circumstances.

But Biden has repeated this before (and misspelled eight) because, in my opinion, he wants to stir up hate against the rich—so he can levy more taxes and spend more. But then he got a question he may not have been expecting. Someone asked him, “What do you pay, Joe?”


Biden claimed he paid a lot more than eight percent.

If a billionaire pays eight percent, he’s still paying far more in real money than most other Americans, including Joe Biden. But again, there’s no billionaire exception; they have to pay whatever the tax code says. If you don’t like that, change the tax code.

Then I knew something was up when someone appeared to troll Jill, as she told a story about her two “little boys, Beau and Hunter.”

An audience member appeared to yell out sarcastically, “Yeah, Hunter!” Points for a little honesty breaking up the rosy story she was trying to sell. Hunter and Beau are the sons of Joe’s first wife. Hunter became a crack addict and had a few not-so-nice things to say about his stepmother. He called her a “selfish entitled c**t” and a “vindictive moron.” He said, at his worst, he was smarter than she was, “So go f–k yourself Jill let’s all agree I don’t like you any more than you like me.” That’s her “little boy.”

But then because it was the weekend, they flew out of there and back to the beach house. Joe again seemed to have an issue. As he was about to go down the plane’s stairs, he pointed out something on the ground. I couldn’t tell what he was pointing out. But at least this time, he didn’t take a header on a sandbag.



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