Americans Doubt Biden's Fitness in Latest Staggering Numbers; He Proves Them Right in New Remarks

Biden replies to reporters about whether the 2024 campaign is going to be "nasty." Credit: RNC Research/Twitter.

We’ve seen a real deterioration in Joe Biden over this week, and things were already bad.

Most Americans don’t think he should be running again. The number who think that Joe Biden is mentally unfit or too old has risen since the May number that I reported. It’s a pretty staggering number from the Harvard Harris poll — 59 percent have doubts, while 66 percent think he’s too old.


When most Americans don’t think you are fit, that’s a huge crimp in your campaign.

But during Biden’s 2020 campaign, he spent most of it in the basement. Do they think that they can just rely on that again? We’re no longer in the pandemic and they can’t use that excuse. They are going to have to put him out there day after day, and it’s not going to go well. Even he made the sad admission, acknowledging that his wife and daughter communicate with him through notes on his mirror.

Many thought that was a concerning symptom.

Then he went on to talk again about not being a “lyin’ dog-faced pony soldier.”

Yet, that isn’t stopping them from putting him in this position, as reports pointed a finger at Jill for pushing him to run again.

Her gentle encouragement of her husband’s reelection run comes as she’s relishing her role, hanging out at the Super Bowl and the women’s Final Four, and actively posting on social media. Unlike the cliche applied to wives of major political figures — that they’re the “secret weapon” behind their husband’s success — there’s nothing that secret about the role she is playing.


It sounds like her desire to be in the spotlight trumps common sense and truly protecting her husband. As my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote in her op-ed about Jill Biden, elder abuse can be placed at the feet of Jill Biden.

It’s just cruel at this point to push him into trying to go the distance one more time, but here we are because Jill Biden – as she’s said before – is bound and determined to not be known as just a powerful politician’s wife. From all appearances, she wants something more, perhaps the trappings of a presidency itself, without putting in the level of work the candidates themselves ideally have to in order to get there.

Then on Saturday, he was asked by a reporter, “What kind of a campaign do you think you’re going to have? Is it gonna be a nasty campaign?” I took that as a question about Biden’s campaign. Biden’s response was strange.

Biden laughed, “Well it depends on who the nominee is”

Is he doubting that he’s going to be the nominee? They’re of course going to try to block out Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and not even have a debate, so Biden is likely to be the nominee. Or is he thinking general election, and saying that his campaign will get nasty depending on who the nominee is? It’s hard to get much nastier than Biden’s DOJ going after his political opponent. But you know that’s going to be their play. Frankly, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Donald Trump or anyone else, they are going to be as nasty and as down and dirty as they can get—and throw everything they can against the wall to try to win.



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