WATCH: Biden Can't Spell 'Eight,' Makes More Bizarre Comments

WATCH: Biden Can't Spell 'Eight,' Makes More Bizarre Comments
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Joe Biden was in Accokeek, Maryland on Wednesday where he spoke before an audience of union engineers. Biden spent the time trying to attack “MAGA Republicans” over their economic positions, even as Americans are being crushed by Biden’s inflation and his bad policies on everything from the economy to energy.

Unfortunately, even though he just had a vacation in Ireland, he slipped off to his house in Rehoboth Beach for more leisure time, then called an early lid at 9 a.m. on Monday. It certainly doesn’t appear that he’s recovered. I think whatever it is he and his staff do on the weekends isn’t working anymore, because he just looked horrible and was completely incoherent.

Biden was right in the middle of a sentence when he got distracted by something and said, “Don’t jump” again.

What he was saying wasn’t making a lot of sense to begin with, but that added even more incoherence.

Biden keeps giving the same speech over and over, so you’d think that it would be easy at this point. But every time he gives it he adds things, goes off on bizarre tangents, or tells huge lies. He can never keep anything straight and it just keeps getting worse.

He weirdly equated fires to global warming.

Yes, he’s set a bunch of “fires” by torching the economy, Afghanistan, and our energy policy, not to mention our national security and our border.

He can never get the number of “new jobs” straight that he’s supposed to lie about. This time he came out with a ridiculous number.

Of course, the truth is that he didn’t “create” any new jobs; the numbers simply reflect people going back to work after the pandemic, unless you count people getting second or third jobs to earn enough to keep up with Bidenflation. Then yes, he helped cause that.

Biden also got confused about those trips to Afghanistan and Iraq—he first said “Iran” but then corrected himself—claiming that he’d been to those countries “over 30 times.” That’s not true, but he keeps lying about it anyway.

But perhaps his worst remark of the day that shows how much he’s continuing to deteriorate was when he started talking about what he thought was the average percent tax that a billionaire pays. He claimed we have a “thousand billionaires in America.”

“You know the average tax rate they pay,” Joe asked. “Eight. E-I-G-H percent.”

This is the guy we’re supposed to believe got E-I-G-H-y one million votes? If this were a family member, we would have already taken him to the doctor to check for dementia and get treatment. Yet here we are with him occupying the most powerful seat in the land and Democrats don’t seem to give a darn about his incompetence. I think they may just try to run him thinking they can hide him in the basement again, but it isn’t going to work. Now he has a bad record and a lot of baggage. He’s not going to get away with hiding anymore.

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