WATCH: Embarrassing Supercut of Media Bending Over Backwards to Spin Biden's Fall

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We knew the media was going to spin Joe Biden’s fall after he took a massive header during the Air Force Academy commencement, and that they were going to do all they could to dismiss it. Indeed, as I wrote, they did just that. It was a far cry from what they did when former President Donald Trump walked slowly down a ramp at the West Point commencement and the media said that “really matters” and proceeded to spend days discussing how Trump might have health problems.


Biden has taken numerous falls and people should be questioning why that is. Watch this montage:

But the problem is that it isn’t just a healthy person falling once, it’s a part and parcel of all kinds of issues with 80-year-old Joe Biden, including his incoherence in mind and policy, that make him unfit for the office.

Democrats don’t care how much his problems may hurt us as long as they can maintain power, and the only thing their lapdogs in the media care about is helping keep them there. So while Trump walking slowly on a ramp once is a major crisis, Biden’s daily inability to string sentences together is just another day and nothing worth noting. Falling? Heck, don’t we all do it? What does it matter if the guy who’s allegedly leading the nation faceplants? So what? Let’s move on!

Cenk Uygur said, “So what?” Joy Reid’s take? She noted that Trump is 76 himself and that it was the advance team’s fault for Biden’s spill because they put the sandbag there. Oh, and she’s fallen too. That was the most common cover — we’ve all fallen. “Is he so enraging to the right because he is so normal?” Reid asks former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. No, Joy, he’s not at all normal, that’s the problem. Biden’s delusional half the time, and what’s so enraging is that you guys and the Democrats don’t care about that or how it endangers the country. Biden got up faster than I did, one host said. No, Biden had to be helped up by three men. They even tried to normalize it by claiming that Bruce Springsteen fell, which was more shocking according to one CNN guest. Springsteen fell? Oh, so it must all be okay then, even celebrities do it.


Perhaps one of the most offensive comments came from CNN senior political commentator David Axelrod who claimed that Biden “kept the American economy from falling into a great big disastrous hole which seems more important to me.” John King said he could do “handstands on the economy, it’s just a fact.” No, Biden crushed the American people and the economy by driving up inflation — first denying it, then admitting it, yet continuing to spend anyway. That costs every American family hundreds more a month in expenses.

The media should be embarrassed when they spin like this. Except they’re not because they have no shame.

One even blamed the poor Biden advance team, as I noted. Imagine if you work for that group. Not only do you have to prepare as you would for anyone else, but you know you’re guy is 80, can’t see anything, can’t hear things, and has no idea what he’s doing half the time. It must be a horror show to work for that team.

However, the media was also blaming someone else for the fall. Here’s MSNBC commentator Joyce Vance blaming the Secret Service for Joe Biden being Joe Biden.

It’s the Secret Service’s fault that Joe Biden can’t see the sandbag or lift his foot over it. Yikes. So what does she expect the Secret Service to do? Move every object that might exist out of the way on the off chance that Joe might trip over it? That’s nuts. Of course, that’s the problem. It has to be nuts being in the Biden White House not knowing what’s going to happen next with the way he is. And I keep saying it, but I’ll say it again, that’s a danger to us all.



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