The Great Home Appliances Purge Continues: Biden Administration Sets Its Sights on Your Dishwasher

That’s “great” as in “massive,” not “awesome.” Anyway, yeah — The Great Biden Home Appliances Purge continues, as the climate-crazed administration has set its sights on its next victim: dishwashers.


First, as you likely recall, the administration targeted gas stoves, and as I reported in early January, noted energy expert Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ridiculously warned that the stove of choice of tens of millions of Americans causes brain damage. AOC was promptly and deservedly mocked to smithereens for that idiotic display of buffoonery.

And in February, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer declared (lied his ass off) in a tweet:

Nobody is taking away your gas stove. Shameless and desperate MAGA Republicans are showing us they will cook up any distraction to divert from real issues the American people want solved, like the debt ceiling.

Uh-huh, Chucky.

New York state lawmakers agreed to ban gas stove hookups in most new homes and all future buildings in late April. The ban will affect new construction on small buildings in 2025 and include larger buildings by 2028, as the Democrat-run hellhole became the first state in the nation to ban natural gas and other fossil fuels in most new buildings – a major win for “climate change” lunatics.

Next up, Biden’s Department of Energy (DOE) has now announced “congressionally-mandated proposed standards” for household dishwashers, which roughly translates into “less efficient, higher priced, government-controlled dishwaters that will increase affected homeowners’ electricity bills.”

Biden’s smug DOE secretary, Jennifer Granholm, said the administration is “using all of the tools” available to “reduce carbon pollution and combat the climate crisis.”


Speaking of tools, the pretend “climate crisis” is neither “the existential threat to mankind,” as Biden’s jet-setting climate potentate John Kerry laughingly claims, nor is it a pending armageddon that will come to fruition as the final victim of natural gas home appliances, for God’s sake.

As I mentioned earlier, gas stoves were the culprits earlier in the year, and now we’re talking about dishwashers, but the Biden administration is also targeting incandescent lightbulbs. Starting in August, the DOE is set to begin enforcing a ban on the manufacture and retail sale of most incandescent bulbs, effectively mandating LED bulbs across America.

And of course, there’s more to come, as noted by Just the News:


In February, the DOE announced “new energy-efficiency standards” for refrigerators that it claimed would “lower household energy costs and significantly reduce pollution.” Despite touting purported energy cost savings for consumers, the announcement doesn’t appear to factor in higher prices for refrigerators themselves.

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers responded by pointing out that in order to comply with the proposed refrigerator regulations manufacturers will have to pass along their increased production costs in the form of higher prices charged to consumers.

“We’re seeing costs of new products going up dramatically,” said AHAM’s Jill Notini, according to Reason Magazine. “Now we’re telling consumers not only is your food going to cost more, but your refrigerator will also cost you more.”

Washing machines

In the same proposal cracking down on refrigerators, DOE also said it seeks additional regulations on washing machines. Between the two, the department estimated consumers would save $3.5 billion annually on utility bills, or $425 per household over the appliances’ lifespan.

However, the flipside of such purported energy cost savings is that washers might not work as well as they do now. The proposed efficiency standards would mean reducing the volume of water used in washing machines, as well as lowering the temperature during cycles, meaning stubborn stains or residues that require hot water to eliminate might not come out so easily.

Besides raising performance issues, the rules would have a “disproportionate, negative impact on low-income households” by wiping out lower-cost models, AHAM [Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers] argued.


Last June, the DOE called for “energy-efficiency standards for residential gas furnaces” to “significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” Although the department is touting these standards, too, as cost-effective for consumers, the Wall Street Journal reported that natural gas is “less than one-third as expensive as electricity on a per unit energy basis.”

“The proposed furnace rule has at least as much to do with the Biden administration’s war on natural gas [as] it does with saving energy,” natural gas consultant Mark Krebs told the outlet.

AC units

Citing “energy efficiency” yet again, DOE isued new energy efficiency standards rules for portable air cleaners and air conditioners, effective as of 2024 and 2026, repectively. The department claims the new standards “will save Americans about $1.5 billion annually and curb carbon dioxide emissions by 106 million metric tons over three decades,” Fox News reported.


So where will it end? It won’t, as long as the climate-obsessed left has its way.

The Bottom Line

Speaking of the lunatic left, these climate-crazed people make utopian, agenda-driven decisions as if the U.S. — and the world as a whole — operates in a fossil-fuel bubble, only to the extent of banning everything from gas-powered passenger vehicles to gas appliances, with zero thought about increased dependence on already overstretched energy grids (see: California).

So while Democrats continue to pat themselves on the back for saving “Mother Earth” by further banning the use of evil fossil fuels, everyday Americans will face ever-increasing home utility bills — as the left continues to point at windmills. (Pun intended.)


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